Friday, January 30, 2009

Letter to Baby. 2

Dear Baby,
I can't feel you move yet, but when you curl up in a ball I think I can feel you. If so, I felt you laying in weird places today. This morning you were low, kind of on my bladder again (but i forgive you) and after lunch you were kind of on the right in a ball I think, laying in just the place to make my pants feel too tight. I can only vaguely tell so don't feel bad if I'm wrong and I'm mistaking big gas bubbles to be you.
I registered for your baby stuff and I must say I never thought I'd be so picky when it came to a baby, but you're worth it. Just one day I hope you look back to all my posts and letters and know I tried to make it all perfect.
We get to find out whether you're my Lily or Jax in less than a week and I really don't even care anymore either way... I just want to know you're growing and developing well... and I want you to finally have a name.
I hope maybe I'll feel you move before then, but kicking or no kicking, just keep your little heart beating. Hearing it makes my day every time.
<3 Sweet dreams little one!

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