Friday, January 23, 2009


So we went to the doc and had the usual done: Blood Pressure, Weight (which I've gained 4 1/2 at 135.5 but still down one pound) and we got to hear the heartbeat. Then the doc came in. The office assistant left a note on my folder for him to do a sex ultrasound which he immediately said it was too early.

When he left the room so I could get undressed I asked the nurse if it was really too early. She said I should just ask him again. So he came back in and I told him that Justin wouldn't be there for the 18 week visit so we were hoping to find out today. So he said he'd try to see for us. So he did the pap smear and all that good stuff, and pulled the sonogram machine over. We saw the head, the body, the spine and some ribs, the legs, some little feet moving around... and the thighs. BUT ... well... butt was the problem. The baby was butt down so he/she was too low to see the goods. :( The doc tried a couple different angles but to no avail.

SO... the news is.. no news! I go back Feb 5th, so just two short weeks, but Justin will likely be away for work. The doctor was going to tell his office asst. to lie to me and tell me I couldn't go until the 12th just so Justin could be there, but he didn't relay the message fast enough, lol! So we're hoping Justin can get a flight back in time for the appointment but if not I'll have him on speakerphone so we can get the news together.

So that's all for today. Maybe by the next visit I'll also feel some kicks going on. I can only hope.!

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