Monday, February 8, 2010

Official Update:

I STILL hate snow!!!!!!

All 20-30 inches sitting outside of my front door. And I hate the 10+ inches that will fall tomorrow even more. I'm so done shoveling. And the snow is ruining my dentist appt, my doctor's appt, and my cpr resertification appt. Blech. I can't wait until some sunshine and warm weather. My flip flops have felt quite neglected this winter.

The only good thing about this snow is that Jackson has a good routine during it. Out of the crib at 8, breakfast at 8:30ish, nap at 10, lunch at 12, nap around 1:30, dinner at 4, nap at 5 for an hour, bath at 7 followed by a bottle and 7:30 bedtime. Wow, did we just somehow come up with a real routine? Who whould have thought!

We did also have fun with the neighbors shoveling the street, "borrowing" salt from a broken down plow truck, and watching another plow come "clear" our street just after we finished shoveling it. Justin also helped the neighbors and other neighbors and kid build an igloo. I was too tired and cold at that point. And then he joined them for fireworks after.

I've also enjoyed actually cooking all or most of our meals. It's been nice not ordering out (except for during the superbowl of course... way to go Saints).

So I guess the snow wasn't that bad but really, do we need another foot of it :(

In Jackson news, he is quite the mobile child these days. And it's too funny how he does it. He still can't crawl, although he's getting awfully close. BUT he can surely pull himself through the whole living room and dining room by using his arms and pushing with one foot. It's quite hysterical how he does it. He's also figured out how to actually get into his toys. The other day I heard him rustling over in his play area and I look over and he figured out how to open the mega blocks container and pull the blocks out. Clean up will start to get much more extensive soon I'm. His vocabulary of ooohs and ahhs and bah, plah, da da, and ma is becomming louder and much more clear. And his smile... my goodness that two tooth grin. I LOVE it. And his laugh is too funny too. It actually cracks me up when he laughs, which makes him laugh even more. This kid definitely makes me melt :)

Time to upload some videos and pics to my computer. No promises you'll see them here tonight, but maybe on facebook! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thoughts of the day

I OFFICIALLY hate snow.

I really wish my child would take his nap... there's LOTS of laundry to fold and LOTS of dog hair to vaccume (I hate trying to spell that word).

And I wish I could fast forward 6-7 years so I can have my three kids and go and get a tummy tuck because I hate looking at this disgusting stretched out wrinkly blob sitting on my abdomen.

Oh, and I officially hate cold weather. My skin feels like a brillo pad, even after I lotion up. bleh.