Friday, October 23, 2009

So I realized that there are still pics from September that I haven't put up... so here it is. What you've all been waiting for. Updated pictures :)

First time in the pool... well, hot tub :)
He actually really liked it.
Big boy on his 2 month birthday.
His first of I'm sure many rides on Carl Beans
Hanging with Lauren and big cousin Max on Uncle Wayne's birthday
Playful baby
His new exersaucer
Meeting Auntie Genisse for the first time, lol
Learning how to eat crabs with Krysta and Dan
Bath time at grandmom's
Mommy and Daddy take a day off to see the Ravens kick butt
Jackson's baptism, 10-4-09
All tuckered out from his baptism
Hanging with Uncle Matt
Watching the game with pops and uncle Chris
At Oma's daycare with Delaney (left) and Lucas (right)
Sleeping like a froggy
Another baptism pic... hanging with Aunt Barb during church
Asleep on Aunt Wenke's comfy shoulder
mommy's little teddy bear
baby's first mohawk
hair spiked like daddy's
Happy 3 month birthday Jax, 10/14/09

Wearing mommy's "Towson Nursing supports the cure" t-shirt
New coat and hat!
Yay feet

Weber's Farm, 10/23/09

Hope you enjoyed!!!