Friday, December 10, 2010

new words, new news

After my last list of words and new things, jax has learned so much more.

First, Jax has learned a new style of basketball. We currently have bins of christmas decorations in our living room so jax decided that he would put his ball on one, climb on the bin, throw his ball in the baketball net, climb down, go get his ball and do it all over again. Jackson has also learned that if he climbs on the dog food bin, he is the perfect height to reach the light switch in our pantry room (thanks daddy)! He now decides whether or not he wants us to watch tv by turning the tv on and off. And, he has decided that he WILL play with the computer, despite what mommy and daddy say. He has learned all of the clapping parts to "If you're happy and you know it". And He's getting much better at scaling down the stairs and is even trying to come down foreward, holding onto mommy's hand of course. He really is growing before our eyes.

Of his list of words we have a few newbies:
Matt (for uncle matt)
No No (hmmm. I wonder where he learned this one)
Pee Pee
Niecey (for aunt denise)

and of course, last but not least:

Now the story behind this one is cute. Jax has been able to say baby for a while now, but recently he met his baby cousin Ben for the first time, who is only a few weeks old. Jax pointed and said baby. When we came home that night. Jax found a baby doll that we keep in our house for our friend's girls. He carried this baby around saying "bay-beee". He gave baby hugs and kisses, and then proceeded to throw baby on the floor. ha ha. But he knew what baby was.

So this is a good segway into our "new news": In June 2011 Jax will be a big brother to baby brother or baby sister! He has no clue of course what's going on, but I'm sure he'll figure it out on D-day. We really think Jax will love being a big brother (once the jealousy goes away) and I know we'll love having a new little one as part of the family. So stay tuned for more updates and keep following us as our family grows even bigger!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Words words words

Since our last post, Jackson has continued to amaze us on a daily basis. He is such a smart, smart boy. Some of his favorite things are football, playing basketball with his little tikes basketball net (which he's quite good at I might add), climbing the stairs ha ha, playing in his ball pit which he got from grandma and grandpa porter for his birthday, brushing his teeth, playing with the dogs, turning light switches on and off, opening doors, fans (oh how he LOVES fans), and reading. It took him a while to really get into books, and now he loves them. But not being read to (unless PopPop smith is doing the reading). He likes to read the books himself and point at all the pictures to have you tell him what each picture is. And more recently he's started picking up books and "singing" the abc's, as if that is what's written in the book. Only the abc song that he sings sounds more like "d,c,d,c". It's definitely very cute.

Jackson has also become quite talkative, and I fall in love everytime he "talks" to me. He can carry on a full conversation with such a serious look on his face, only everything he says is "Jackson talk". Other than the Jackson talk, however, he has learned quite a few words, which is what I'm dedicating this blog to. Here is what we are hearing our little boy say these days:

Uh-oh (one of his first words)
Wha' sa (What's that)
Ra Ra (This is what the dogs names sound like to him)
Poopy (which he will now say during diaper changes, ha ha)
'Nana (Banana)
B-apple (Apple)
Ball (quite clearly, ball)
hoo-ball (Football, very different from any other ball)
Doo-dle (Said carefully in two syllables for Sophie Doodle, a family bird)
Coo-kie (also said very carefully in two syllables)
Mommy (my favorite word of them all)
Moo (as in what a cow says)
Boop Boop (the noise a train makes when the horn is beeped)
Sissy (what we are calling his Aunt Krista)
Uncle (which he pronounces more German than anything else)
Tanta (meaning Aunt in German)
TaTay (which we learned means daddy in Tagala)
Weee (What he says when he spins in circles, lol)
I (as in the letter "I")
Go-gurt (Yogurt)
Peese (Please)
Ca-tur (Water)
Sue (Shoes)
hot dog
Hi (One of the cutest things he says)
Buh Buh (Bye Bye)
Thomas (As in thomas the train)
Bur (Bird)
(he says something to mean airplane, but I can't quite make it out)
Up (and he will point up as well)

Along with all of his words, he is also getting quite good with body parts:
Belly Button

We really have been blessed with such a smart, loving, wonderful little boy who has been so much fun to be around. His laugh is contagious and instantly makes anyone smile and his smile alone is enough to make any day better. I couldn't be thankful for anything more than I am thankful for him.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 year ago today...

... at this very moment I was holding my newborn baby boy and my little Jackson was surrounded by friends and family welcoming him into his first day on Earth.

It's hard to believe that that was only a year ago and at the same time that it has already been a year. While I can't remember much of how things were without our little boy, it still seems like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting his arrival.

The past year has been full of so many great memories and so many learning experiences. Jackson has grown so much. We've celebrated his first smile, his first turn onto his belly, sleeping through the night, his "talking", the first "mama" and "dada", rice cereal, baby food, sitting up, his first tooth all the way up to his eighth tooth, his army crawl, and after seemingly forever, his real crawl. We've recently celebrated him standing, his first few steps to Justin or I, his lovely stair climbing and just this past Friday, his first real walking experience all on his own. And now, today, his FIRST birthday, his first celebration of his life up until now.

Jackson has not ceased to amaze me at how fast he grows and how quickly he learns. He is picking up words like Ball (bah), Bye Bye (buh buh), MaMa, DaDa, Doggie (Daw-dy), Bird (Bir), Hi Baby ( Hi BeBe), Uh Oh, PopPop and so on. He has many tricks, his favorites being high five, clapping, blowing kisses, so big, and yum yum (you say yum yum and he rubs his belly). He has also learned where Jackson's nose is, where Mommy's nose is and where Doggy's nose is and now we are working on mouth and ear. Jackson has become quite the little swimmer, paddling hard and fast with fury and excitement. His personality has become so distinct- such a sweet, happy, loving boy with oh such an attitude too, haha. He has learned to love his big four legged brothers, sometimes a little too much, but he is also a gentle boy giving kisses just because and snuggling up with a sweet smile on his face. Jackson has also learned to share which he demostrated so well tonight feeding his big piece of birthday cake to Mommy, Daddy and MomMom.

Jackson has truly become my absolute everything. I know we parents always say that. And we are always used to hearing it too. But until you're there, rocking your baby to sleep, just you and him with his lullabies playing and his eyes heavy with dreams and you're staring at this beautiful little person who needs you, trusts you and loves you endlessly, - until you've reached that point, you never realize just how true that saying is. Jackson has filled our hearts with so much joy and love. He has made the little constant daily problems non-existent and has focused our lives on the things that make life worth it. And it's funny to think that it won't be until he has reached this same point in his own life that he will understand just how much he has changed us and impacted our lives.

Jackson Scott: I love you endlessly. You are truly my world, my everything. I long to hold you and see your smile when I'm away, even if just for a few hours, and I thank God for every moment I spend with you. This past year has been the best year of my life and I am so excited to watch you grow and to be a part of the person that you will become. I pray that we lead you in the right direction and give you everything you need to have the best, most fulfilled life possible. Happy Birthday Baby Boy. May these special days last forever. We Love You.

(Celebrating Jackson's 1st Birthday at the Baltimore Aquarium)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Official Update:

I STILL hate snow!!!!!!

All 20-30 inches sitting outside of my front door. And I hate the 10+ inches that will fall tomorrow even more. I'm so done shoveling. And the snow is ruining my dentist appt, my doctor's appt, and my cpr resertification appt. Blech. I can't wait until some sunshine and warm weather. My flip flops have felt quite neglected this winter.

The only good thing about this snow is that Jackson has a good routine during it. Out of the crib at 8, breakfast at 8:30ish, nap at 10, lunch at 12, nap around 1:30, dinner at 4, nap at 5 for an hour, bath at 7 followed by a bottle and 7:30 bedtime. Wow, did we just somehow come up with a real routine? Who whould have thought!

We did also have fun with the neighbors shoveling the street, "borrowing" salt from a broken down plow truck, and watching another plow come "clear" our street just after we finished shoveling it. Justin also helped the neighbors and other neighbors and kid build an igloo. I was too tired and cold at that point. And then he joined them for fireworks after.

I've also enjoyed actually cooking all or most of our meals. It's been nice not ordering out (except for during the superbowl of course... way to go Saints).

So I guess the snow wasn't that bad but really, do we need another foot of it :(

In Jackson news, he is quite the mobile child these days. And it's too funny how he does it. He still can't crawl, although he's getting awfully close. BUT he can surely pull himself through the whole living room and dining room by using his arms and pushing with one foot. It's quite hysterical how he does it. He's also figured out how to actually get into his toys. The other day I heard him rustling over in his play area and I look over and he figured out how to open the mega blocks container and pull the blocks out. Clean up will start to get much more extensive soon I'm. His vocabulary of ooohs and ahhs and bah, plah, da da, and ma is becomming louder and much more clear. And his smile... my goodness that two tooth grin. I LOVE it. And his laugh is too funny too. It actually cracks me up when he laughs, which makes him laugh even more. This kid definitely makes me melt :)

Time to upload some videos and pics to my computer. No promises you'll see them here tonight, but maybe on facebook! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thoughts of the day

I OFFICIALLY hate snow.

I really wish my child would take his nap... there's LOTS of laundry to fold and LOTS of dog hair to vaccume (I hate trying to spell that word).

And I wish I could fast forward 6-7 years so I can have my three kids and go and get a tummy tuck because I hate looking at this disgusting stretched out wrinkly blob sitting on my abdomen.

Oh, and I officially hate cold weather. My skin feels like a brillo pad, even after I lotion up. bleh.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Post 11

Officially accepted the Bayview Job as an RN. And I learned today that some of my classmates are getting their ATT's (the letter that allows you to sign up for the boards). Not looking forward to getting mine because I'm definitely not ready yet. But, soon enough! My official start date at Bayview is February 15th. My first big girl career :)

Jackson was ridiculously cute today. The clothes I dressed him in, the faces he made, the lunges he made toward me with that awnry little face. And, we fingerpainted for the first time. It was a very brief event led by me dipping his hand in pant and keeping his hands away from his face. But still a lot of fun.

Parents coming over tomorrow to cook me dinner :D and visit Trader Joe's with me. And then it's Bayview on Wednesday for a physical and my cousin's house on Thursday for a playdate with my cousin's two boys, my other cousin's son, and my cousin in law's son and daughter. Friday is karaoke and spaghetti at church, Saturday is the Polar Bear Plunge (haven't officially decided to plunge yet) and Sunday is up in the air still after church. Maybe my friend from middle school's daughter's second birthday or a trip to the Eastern shore to see my friend heather and her adorable 2 year old Charlie. What a packed week ahead!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog 10

I have been neglectful the past few days, but also busy, and sick, and dealing with a child with a cold. :(

But other than all that. Justin had a trip to Ohio last week so it was just me and my handsome little man for a few days. I decided to have some of my nursing friends over (and one of their boyfriends) and I made Maple and almond crusted chicken, green beans, and corn. The girls brought salad, plantains, wine, and dessert. It was actually a very nice evening and we all agreed that we had to do that more often.

Last week I was also able to work it so that my Ped Onc interview was on this coming Tuesday rather than the 29th. And then bayview called an offered me the med/surg job and just told me to let them know by Monday(tomorrow). So I decided that I would accept but still go on the other interview and if I was also offered the Ped Onc job I would take that instead but if not I'd have something to fall back on. But then this past Friday Hopkins downtown called to tell me they already filled the Ped Onc position. So it looks like it will definitely be Bayview after all. I already emailed the nurse recruiter to accept the position, but it will officially happen tomorrow morning.

This past Saturday Justin and I took Jax out for his first trip to the playground. He kind of liked the slide a little but he LOVED the swings. We got great pics and video of it (which will be up soon). And then today Justin left again for Ohio for another 3-5 days. Ugh. Too bad he didn't go somewhere nice. Jax and I definitely would have went with.

I don't have any pictures tonight, but I'll get them up here soon.

Til next time!