Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog 10

I have been neglectful the past few days, but also busy, and sick, and dealing with a child with a cold. :(

But other than all that. Justin had a trip to Ohio last week so it was just me and my handsome little man for a few days. I decided to have some of my nursing friends over (and one of their boyfriends) and I made Maple and almond crusted chicken, green beans, and corn. The girls brought salad, plantains, wine, and dessert. It was actually a very nice evening and we all agreed that we had to do that more often.

Last week I was also able to work it so that my Ped Onc interview was on this coming Tuesday rather than the 29th. And then bayview called an offered me the med/surg job and just told me to let them know by Monday(tomorrow). So I decided that I would accept but still go on the other interview and if I was also offered the Ped Onc job I would take that instead but if not I'd have something to fall back on. But then this past Friday Hopkins downtown called to tell me they already filled the Ped Onc position. So it looks like it will definitely be Bayview after all. I already emailed the nurse recruiter to accept the position, but it will officially happen tomorrow morning.

This past Saturday Justin and I took Jax out for his first trip to the playground. He kind of liked the slide a little but he LOVED the swings. We got great pics and video of it (which will be up soon). And then today Justin left again for Ohio for another 3-5 days. Ugh. Too bad he didn't go somewhere nice. Jax and I definitely would have went with.

I don't have any pictures tonight, but I'll get them up here soon.

Til next time!

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