Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kaplan, Bayview and No sleep, oh my.

Today was another day of Kaplan. And boy did that review class come quick today. I stayed up watching movies with Justin last night and doing some online kaplan quizzes so i hopped in bed at 12:30. Well Jackson woke up at 2:30 and screamed andcried everytime Iput him down for three hours. I had to get up at seven so it was a brutal night. And this morning he screamed everytime I put him down again, so needless to say, I was late everywhere today. BUT, on the bright side of things, he was good for Oma and Lucas, and I got called for an interview for tomorrow at Johns Hopkins Bayview. I had to quickly arrange some last minute letters of reference and a transcript, but it all pulled through, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

To end the day, I leave you with no images, just a prayer request for all those suffering from the devastating earthquake disaster in Haiti. May we people of such prosper and blessing find some way physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally to help those who so desperately need it at this time.


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