Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Jax - Post 7

Happy Half Birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, amazing little man. May you be blessed with more birthdays then I'll be able to count. I love you endlessly!!!!!

Today was my interview at Bayview. It went really really well. And then I get home and find out that Hopkins downtown has scheduled me for an interview and share day on a Pediatric Oncology floor for the 29th. Crazy. So now what if bayview offers the job. Two weeks ago I was stressing about not having even an interview, and now I'm stressed about the decisions I'll have to make. Oye.

But in other much more exciting news to a mommy, today was Jackson's Half Birthday. Yup! My boy turned six months old at 8:16 tonight. I cannot believe where I was six months ago and where I am today, but I've loved every minute (okay, maybe not recovery, but I love jackson every minute of it). We celebrated by having crab cakes at grandma's... Jackson had gerber chicken noodle. Then we came home, had a bluberry muffin (Jax's birthday "cake"), made six month imprints of Jackson's hand and foot, and then went off to sleep. We also found out that Jackson may be teething yet again, but this time with top teeth, YIKES!!! Pretty soon he'll be eating steak and potatos with the rest of this.

Here are some pictures to share. The first two are of Jackson and Justin... Do they not look identical?? The rest are of Jackson celebrating his six month birthday.

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