Friday, December 10, 2010

new words, new news

After my last list of words and new things, jax has learned so much more.

First, Jax has learned a new style of basketball. We currently have bins of christmas decorations in our living room so jax decided that he would put his ball on one, climb on the bin, throw his ball in the baketball net, climb down, go get his ball and do it all over again. Jackson has also learned that if he climbs on the dog food bin, he is the perfect height to reach the light switch in our pantry room (thanks daddy)! He now decides whether or not he wants us to watch tv by turning the tv on and off. And, he has decided that he WILL play with the computer, despite what mommy and daddy say. He has learned all of the clapping parts to "If you're happy and you know it". And He's getting much better at scaling down the stairs and is even trying to come down foreward, holding onto mommy's hand of course. He really is growing before our eyes.

Of his list of words we have a few newbies:
Matt (for uncle matt)
No No (hmmm. I wonder where he learned this one)
Pee Pee
Niecey (for aunt denise)

and of course, last but not least:

Now the story behind this one is cute. Jax has been able to say baby for a while now, but recently he met his baby cousin Ben for the first time, who is only a few weeks old. Jax pointed and said baby. When we came home that night. Jax found a baby doll that we keep in our house for our friend's girls. He carried this baby around saying "bay-beee". He gave baby hugs and kisses, and then proceeded to throw baby on the floor. ha ha. But he knew what baby was.

So this is a good segway into our "new news": In June 2011 Jax will be a big brother to baby brother or baby sister! He has no clue of course what's going on, but I'm sure he'll figure it out on D-day. We really think Jax will love being a big brother (once the jealousy goes away) and I know we'll love having a new little one as part of the family. So stay tuned for more updates and keep following us as our family grows even bigger!