Monday, January 25, 2010

Post 11

Officially accepted the Bayview Job as an RN. And I learned today that some of my classmates are getting their ATT's (the letter that allows you to sign up for the boards). Not looking forward to getting mine because I'm definitely not ready yet. But, soon enough! My official start date at Bayview is February 15th. My first big girl career :)

Jackson was ridiculously cute today. The clothes I dressed him in, the faces he made, the lunges he made toward me with that awnry little face. And, we fingerpainted for the first time. It was a very brief event led by me dipping his hand in pant and keeping his hands away from his face. But still a lot of fun.

Parents coming over tomorrow to cook me dinner :D and visit Trader Joe's with me. And then it's Bayview on Wednesday for a physical and my cousin's house on Thursday for a playdate with my cousin's two boys, my other cousin's son, and my cousin in law's son and daughter. Friday is karaoke and spaghetti at church, Saturday is the Polar Bear Plunge (haven't officially decided to plunge yet) and Sunday is up in the air still after church. Maybe my friend from middle school's daughter's second birthday or a trip to the Eastern shore to see my friend heather and her adorable 2 year old Charlie. What a packed week ahead!

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