Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 8th - Pinning

So today was my pinnign ceremony which officially ends my nursing school career. I still have to take the NCLEX but that is completely outside the realm of actual nursing school. The pin we receive is what distinguishes us as RN's. (Because it's silver and shiny and small and my camera is not equipped for those items, I can't get a great pic of it.) Leading up to today I thought this whole thing was a waste of time and a waste of money for that little pin that I'll never wear. Then I started seeing how much this pinning meant to so many other people. Like the friend who has nurses in every generation of her family, and my friend who is graduating from Towson's nursing program sharing this experience with her sister who is graduating from another nursing program this semester as well. And listening to the speaker, I started to appreciate the ceremony and the pin, and my future title of RN more than I have throughout the program. It's funny though how you struggle for two looooonnnnggg years and have so many trials and tribulations and it all comes down to this one triumphant day and this tiny little pin. I forgot for a few hours how grueling these past two years have been and I truly looked forward to my future. I only hope that in my future, I can live up to the standard that has already been set by so many smart, caring nurses that exist today.
So that's today's blog. Here are a few pictures to share with you my experience.
This was after the pinning before bedtime, but I added this because in this pic Jackson looks exactly like Justin when he was little. I'll have to get a picture of Justin up here sometime for comparison.

And this is during the ceremony when I'm getting pinned.

Below are my four best friends throughout nursing school, the girls I turned to and complained to and leaned on and studied with and cried with the most!!!
Starting with Julie...

and Sarah...

and Emily...

and Melissa.


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