Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Words words words

Since our last post, Jackson has continued to amaze us on a daily basis. He is such a smart, smart boy. Some of his favorite things are football, playing basketball with his little tikes basketball net (which he's quite good at I might add), climbing the stairs ha ha, playing in his ball pit which he got from grandma and grandpa porter for his birthday, brushing his teeth, playing with the dogs, turning light switches on and off, opening doors, fans (oh how he LOVES fans), and reading. It took him a while to really get into books, and now he loves them. But not being read to (unless PopPop smith is doing the reading). He likes to read the books himself and point at all the pictures to have you tell him what each picture is. And more recently he's started picking up books and "singing" the abc's, as if that is what's written in the book. Only the abc song that he sings sounds more like "d,c,d,c". It's definitely very cute.

Jackson has also become quite talkative, and I fall in love everytime he "talks" to me. He can carry on a full conversation with such a serious look on his face, only everything he says is "Jackson talk". Other than the Jackson talk, however, he has learned quite a few words, which is what I'm dedicating this blog to. Here is what we are hearing our little boy say these days:

Uh-oh (one of his first words)
Wha' sa (What's that)
Ra Ra (This is what the dogs names sound like to him)
Poopy (which he will now say during diaper changes, ha ha)
'Nana (Banana)
B-apple (Apple)
Ball (quite clearly, ball)
hoo-ball (Football, very different from any other ball)
Doo-dle (Said carefully in two syllables for Sophie Doodle, a family bird)
Coo-kie (also said very carefully in two syllables)
Mommy (my favorite word of them all)
Moo (as in what a cow says)
Boop Boop (the noise a train makes when the horn is beeped)
Sissy (what we are calling his Aunt Krista)
Uncle (which he pronounces more German than anything else)
Tanta (meaning Aunt in German)
TaTay (which we learned means daddy in Tagala)
Weee (What he says when he spins in circles, lol)
I (as in the letter "I")
Go-gurt (Yogurt)
Peese (Please)
Ca-tur (Water)
Sue (Shoes)
hot dog
Hi (One of the cutest things he says)
Buh Buh (Bye Bye)
Thomas (As in thomas the train)
Bur (Bird)
(he says something to mean airplane, but I can't quite make it out)
Up (and he will point up as well)

Along with all of his words, he is also getting quite good with body parts:
Belly Button

We really have been blessed with such a smart, loving, wonderful little boy who has been so much fun to be around. His laugh is contagious and instantly makes anyone smile and his smile alone is enough to make any day better. I couldn't be thankful for anything more than I am thankful for him.



  1. This is a beautiful gift
    I wish him a happy life full of love for you in the future.
    I love children very much and especially the more movement.

    Take care of them well.

    Sorry phrase in English often

    Wishing you a happy Lakeat

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