Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Victory. 17

Yesterday was technically victory 17 but I was in school ALL day and then was surprised to find out that I had to work as well. Needless to say, not much time to post.
But yesterday was indeed the start of week 17 and I couldn't be happier. Just 6 more days until week 18 and then just 2 more days until the BIG ultrasound. AND I we recently found out that Justin WILL be coming home that Wednesday night (hopefully no bad weather) and will be able to make it to hear first hand BOY or GIRL. :) Yay.

The end of week 16 and the beginning of week 17 also brought the beginning of school, ugh. On Monday i had to drive ALL the way to Springfield State Hospital (i think it's called) which is off of 70 somewhere. Needless to say, with the hormones, the snow that was falling, and the hills and curves in the road, I definitely started panicking. AND driving all the way out THERE for orientation was a complete waste of time. We stayed in one room and practically did arts and crafts the entire time. We could have done that at my house. Oh well. But I did find out that my Psyc clinical this semester is at Sheppard Pratt which is extremely close which makes me happy. I still don't know where my Pediatrics clinical will be during the second half of the semester, but hopefully that will be close too.

Yesterday was our first actual day of classes, which I was extremely irritated with since it was nasty, snowy, sloshy, icy out. AND.. since I took Justin's 4wd vehicle, i of course forgot to get my parking pass out of my car so I had to pay 12 bucks for ALL day parking. AND THEN I realized that my class that was from 3 to 6 was across campus from where I parked and my all day parking pass wouldn't work there. :/ I was also irritated when my instructor decided to show a movie that would take us until 6 rather than letting us out that hour early to get home and out of the nasty weather. Argh. Hopefully Friday is much better. I was extremely pleased, however, when I was driving home from work last night and listened to the voice message that my clinical was cancelled today. :) It is really bad out though so it really is a good thing .. EXCEPT that I still have a 2:00 dentist appt and a 4:50 doc appt to get my PPD done for school. ugh. Thank God I have Justin's car again.

SO... besides school, not too much else has happened since the last post. But speaking of the last post, the baby DID move off of my bladder over night :) so no bed wetting for me.

And I did fail to mention that this past Sunday Justin and I got our first Midievel times experience (thanks to Mom and Dad Smith's Christmas gift).
We went with my brother Wayne and my sister-in-law Wenke (I'll upload another pic of the four of us soon). It was quite enjoyable actually. We were in the first row and were cheering for the blue team. The horses were gorgeous and the games were fun to watch. AND THE FOOD. Mmmm. I would go back just for that. They feed you a LOT.. garlic bread, tomato vegetable soup, chicken, potatos, ribs, AND dessert and coffee. But you have to eat with your hands... so I brought plastic utensils :) The food was really good nonetheless. So thanks for the gift certificates Mom and Dad. I think once the Little One is old enough we may have to make a trip back there. :)

I will leave you today with my 17 week shot that I took yesterday morning as I was anxiously waiting for schools to be closed, to no avail, of course. Happy Snow Day everybody.

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