Friday, January 30, 2009

Registry and Stuff

Right now I'm sitting in class OBVIOUSLY not paying attention to the review questions. Instead I'm thinking about B-A-B-Y of course. Seeing as it's Friday we have less than ONE week until our BIG appointment to see whether baby Jax or baby Lily is making buying pants a lot harder. I'm super excited but speaking of buying pants.... I went shopping with a friend Julie yesterday. We needed to get business-casual attire for our clinical so we went to New York and Company. I found lots of great shirts.. and I ended up buying pants that don't button. I knew that when I bought them, but I also knew they'd work with my bella band. I'm glad I did buy them because Motherhood Maternity really didn't have much to offer.

Also I wanted to mention that I added almost everything to our registry at Babies-R-Us. The registry number is 72334221 I plan on sending out registry tips when my mom sends out invitations since a lot of my family might not be so registry savy :) Anyways, if you check it out and I forgot some major important stuff, please let me know. I like to have it all in one place so I know what things I can start buying myself as well. That's all for now... it's lunch time... the best time of day!


  1. Oh wow - you are due 1 day before me!!! And good for you with getting the registry up to speed. We find out the gender on Wednesday (hopefully) and we plan to start the registry process after that!

    And good to know on NY & Co!

  2. Yay for Wednesday. We find out Thursday. I was planning on waiting until after the sex sono to do the registry but I had a snow day off so I went ahead and did it. It was therapeutic almost (if done alone) :)