Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Exciting

After my doppler post I was reading babycenter and noticed that a lot of women were renting their dopplers for pretty cheap (like 20ish a month). So I looked on Heart Tones and found one for 20 and that they had a two month option. I wanted to do this one but for some reason it wouldn't let me order (maybe out of stock). Then I went on Baby Beats (or something like that) and it was a little more expensive but they went from 1 month option to three month options (no two month) so I was hesitant.

THEN, I checked the blog and saw that my wonderful cousin-in-law Candace (who was also our wedding photographer "") had commented leaving me the website for Dynamic Doppler. (Thanks Cand!!!) I went on there, saw they had a two month option, and that it was pretty cheap $40 for the two months, so I made my purchase/rental. I'm SUPER excited about this. I ordered the 2 day air (there's no way I can wait and wait) and an extra bottle of goo and it only came to $55.95. Here's the blurb on it:

"Rent a Dynamic Doppler fetal heart monitor for use in your own home and share the joy of your pregnancy with your family and friends. Our fetal Doppler's are not microphones that just amplify sounds. Our Doctor quality fetal doppler's use Doppler Ultrasound and are used by Doctor's worldwide to listen to the fetal heartbeat. Our baby Doppler can pick up your baby's heartbeat as early as 10-12 weeks into your pregnancy.

Dynamic Doppler's use the same ultrasound technology that has been used by Doctors, for more than 30 years, to pick up the sounds of your unborn baby's heartbeat. Doppler ultrasound is regulated by the FDA and requires your Caregivers approval. By renting or purchasing a Dynamic Doppler, you agree to consult a licensed caregiver prior to use.

Our Dynamic Doppler Standard Unit comes with 1 tube (2oz) of ultrasound gel, CD with sound examples, instruction manual, tip sheet and a 9 volt battery. All units are shipped with a 3MHz probe unless a 2MHz is requested. "

I've also said that I was going to update my pics.. so here's one from 13 weeks, 5days in my Wacco 4 Flacco shirt and one from 14weeks in my orange Boh Knows Baseball shirt. Enjoy!!


p.s. If any of the other expecting ladies would like to use the doppler, I'll rent it for 20 a day. Hee hee. Just kidding. But let me know and we'll set something up so you can borrow it for a day or two.

UPDATE:: I've been tracking my heart monitor with UPS, lol. AND it's on time and should be here no later than Monday. Unfortunately I don't think I get the luxury of a Saturday delivery but I think I'll last til Monday... BUT NO LATER!!!!!

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