Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, Day Two

Right now I'm on winter break so I'm home everyday during the day and working at night whenever there's a concert at Ramshead. But I'm not nearly getting as much done as I'd like. I had a very successful day of cleaning earlier this week and haven't touched a vaccum or all-purpose spray since (and I still have the whole upstairs to do). Instead I've been sleeping late (usually because we go to bed late), searching the internet for anything and everything baby (belly pictures, baby center updates, sonogram pics of whatever week I'm in at the time), and heading out for lunch. It's definitely time to take the Christmas tree down, but I think I'll hold off until next week.

Despite my lack of getting things done, I should be enjoying my break time before the next semester starts. Instead I am anxiously waiting and praying for the next doctor's visit to come which is at the end of January-meaning my break will almost be over at that point. Never, ever had I wanted winter break to end so badly, especially because I hate going to class when it's cold out, but I just can't help myself. I'm also anxiously awaiting other things:

1. a bigger belly... so i don't just look like I'm gaining weight
2. some movement to go on in there... come on baby Smith, give me something (I'll even take punches right now)
3. to answer the BIG question: Baby Boy Smith or Baby Girl Smith
4. to finally decide on a girl's name :/ (Justin and I are far from agreeing on this one)
5. to be able to buy baby stuff :)
6. to start on the baby's room (I know I'm looking WAY far ahead here)
7. for warm weather so I can start wearing cuter clothes and not be cold all the time
8. for summer, so we're just that much closer

Attempting to just enjoy winter break just isn't satisfying enough this year.

Anyhow, we spent our New Year's Eve working, like we did last year. Only this year I was actually bartending which was WAY more exhausting but WAY more financially rewarding. It was a pretty long night (we didn't leave til well after two) and half way through the night my back hurt so much that my eyes were ready to burst with tears. I blame it on bending over to grab beer out of an empty cooler and water bottles off the bottom shelf of the cooler, but regardless it was not fun at all. Around midnight we had a champaigne toast (free to the patrons) which meant, at an already busy bar, only one bartender was able to wait on the customers while the other (me) had to pour 36 bottles of cheap, nasty champaigne. My hands still hurt from twisting those caps off. Lucky for me though, Justin was a "roaming" security gaurd that night so he was able to visit me at my bar for my midnight kiss :) After work, we headed to Mex next door (because they stay open until almost 8am on New Years, and Justin had some drinks with some other employees from Ramshead. I joined him and ordered my vodka cranberry (hold the vodka) in a liquor sized cup so nobody would suspect anything yet. I think I was successful. We probably didn't get home until 4:30 am and boy were we tired.

We attempted to sleep in on New Year's day but my dad woke us up with a phone call around 10. Ugh. And because the sun was shining in our bedroom so brigtly, I could NOT fall back asleep. So I stayed awake and after some convincing, Justin and I left to have dinner at my parents house around three. (Funny, but the only place I've been getting my veggies in is there, because they have them with every meal...and this time the cabbage and kal with the ham and potatos was just perfect).

We got home around 6:30 and I was sooooooooooo tired from the night before that I slept on the couch from then until midnight. This didn't do me any good though when I tried to sleep after that in bed. Instead I got my first round of reflux issues. I was perfectly fine sitting up but as soon as I laid down I felt like I had bubbling stomach contents hanging around about halfway up my esophagus. Thank you pregnancy hormones for that. But it could be worse... it could be vomiting or heart burn. Thank you God for it not being those. So I stayed awake. I laid in bed, wide awake, thinking about is it a boy, is it a girl, where will my babyshower be, how many will I have (with such a big family), can I manage to get a volley ball court whereever it will be, who will watch the baby, will I work over the summer next summer, and anything else that floated through my head. I gave up around 2:30 to come downstairs, browse anything baby on the internet, and indulge in a bowl of leftover spaghetti. I finally was able to fall asleep around 5am and now, here I am.

And speaking of now, I am ridiculously craving chili cheese fries with onions from johnny rockets so I might have to make a mall visit today to indulge that craving. It's a necessity at this point.

Anyways. That's how our new year's went. Not too exciting, and not too relaxing either, but I spent it with my husband and that's all that matters. So Happy New Year to everyone else. I hope it will be a good one.

I got all the way to Arundel Mills and as soon as I walked in the mall I realized I didn't want chili cheese fries anymore. :( So I saw a friend working at Remomo's and asked if they had crab dip. So I said hi, and sat down to realize their crab dip was REALLY crab and spinach dip. This didn't excite me but I would have felt bad leaving at that point so I toughed it out. I think I'll be paying for that decision later unfortunately.
I've also been noticing lately that my engagement ring, wedding band, and grandmother's ring are all starting to leave ring lines on my fingers. :(

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