Monday, January 12, 2009


So today is Monday 1/12 AND the day that my doppler was supposed to arrive. Justin got a UPS package early this morning, but I didn't, so I got worried that my doppler wasn't going to show up. BUT.. while I was out trying to get my car looked at (which ended up being unsuccessful because 95 was shut down both ways and Rt. 40 was so backed up) UPS delivered my package.

As soon as I got home I opened the package right away. Here is the dopper I got:

We of course tried it out right away and heard our little one's heartbeat, which was a steady 158 (plus or minus a few). (Unfortunately I don't know how to load a sound byte so I'll keep trying later).

I am super excited about this because it definitely brings some peace of mind knowing that the little one (whom we've nicknamed Nuva while in utero) is doing well. Now, I'm ready to feel some movement. While I haven't felt the butterfly flutters or kicks or anything just yet, I do think I felt the baby balled up below my belly button and to the right, and because that's where we found the heartbeat, I think I might have been right about that.

UPDATE: Justin definitely admitted he was excited about the doppler as I was opening the box. He originally thought it was a waste of money and told me to "do whatever you want hunny"

In other news, my mom and I visited Babies R' Us this past week to look at strollers. After trying out EVERY stroller they had on display, I found one that I liked best that was relatively light and very easy to get the carseat in and out of both the stroller AND the carseat base, which is a plus. It was the gray and green Chicco Cortina travel system like the one here:We also picked up some cute onesies (greens and yellows), wash cloths, and recieving blankets. Justin and I decided to start putting away a case of diapers, bottles or diaper wipes a week so we're more than prepared when the baby arrives. We started with a big case of Pamper's Swaddlers (which is the same brand that St. Joe's uses). I really want to use pamper's because they donate money: for every pack of pampers they donate money to pay for one vaccine for kids in third world countries.

Justin and I also FINALLY ALMOST decided on names. All along we've had a boys name picked out but we were struggling with a girl's name. So we've decided that if we have a boy, he will be named Jackson Scott Smith (Scott being Justin's dad's name). If we have a girl, (which is what I think) she will either be named Liliana June Smith (June being the month we started dating and the month we were married) or Delilah June Smith.The nicknames will either be Jax (boy) or Lily (either girl's name). She could also have the nickname DJ if we name her Delilah June. Check back for updates on that one :)

UPDATE: Justin totally loves the name Lily June :)

And, for your viewing pleasure, I took some more pics today, so here is 14 weeks, 6 days:

And from my view point looking down:

In MORE news, we had a great Sunday, heading off to church in the morning and then joining Laura, Bert, Mackenzie and a lot of other good friends at Bert's house to watch the Ravens put a beating on Tennessee. Our friends Will and Brittany were fortunate enough to make the trip to Nashville to witness this great, but very stressful (for the pregnant ladies) game and I'm sure they had a great time. Justin was super excited to have his Flacco jersey arrive in time for the game....

and I was once again more than willing to sport Derek Mason's number for the day.

We look forward to another week of Ravens wear and we cannot wait to witness the Baltimore Ravens take down the Poopsburg Steelers once and for all for the AFC championship. GO RAVENS!!!!!

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