Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Victory. 14

Welcome to our week 14 victory. There's really not too much to add to this week. The big events I posted yesterday (i.e. Doc visit #3, unscheduled). Besides all that craziness not too much has gone on this week, thankfully. I'm starting to feel a lot better today. I didn't even used the pain meds or ear drops last night and slept for a good 12 or 13 hours, lol. But after not sleeping at all Sunday night, I think that's acceptable.

I'm still not very hungry, although I did manage to eat a half a sandwich last night, which definitely filled me up. Yesterday afternoon my wonderful husband, who I might add took off work to take care of me yesterday, took me to Bateman's after the doc visit. I willingly ate the crab dip but had to force myself to eat the hot turkey sandwich. Each bite seemed like way too much... no wonder I've lost five lbs. Thank god my doc isn't a weight guru like I've been reading about some of these OB's. The nurse practitioner, however, did give me kind of a look when she took my weight. What can you do.

I think because of the lost weight my bump watch is kind of at a stand-still. I haven't taken any pics in the past couple days, but I think I'll attempt one or two today. I'm also going to attempt to cook dinner. Justin will be pleased if I pull that one off. AND I might even attempt to finish the cleaning I started last week, lol.

I must mention that today starts the second trimester for us. It's very exciting to have gotten this far and I can only pray to keep things going. We look forward to finally being able to feel the baby move around soon. I thought I was feeling flutters at some point, but unfortunately it was probably gas. But I know, any day now I should feel those little butterfly like movements.

I'm thinking of investing in one of those dopplers. I would love to get one of the real ones... I found one on craigslist for $150 which is a great price, but still a little expensive for us right now. Instead I think I'll add babies r' us on my to do list and get one of the not as great ones for $26. They say the cheap ones are only good for the third trimester, but I've been reading that some women have been able to hear it sooner by manipulating the gadget (like putting a pillow over top of it to block outside noises. I really hope it works. I've been trying with my stethoscope, despite knowing I won't be able to hear the HB with it until around 20 weeks. All I pick up with it now is my crazy loud bowel sounds. So I guess babies r us is it.

I've also been looking on craigslist for gliders and ottomans and baby clothes. So many people are selling newborn clothes and 3-6 or 6-9 months clothes, bundles of them, for so cheap (cuz kids grow out of them so quickly) but they've been advertising them for boy or girl.... so for another 4 weeks we'll have to hold off on that. I'm totally not against hand-me-downs so I'll keep checking on there for that. I also want to go to thrift stores for clothes because a lot of people I know have bought brand new clothes (with tags still on) for like $1.00 a piece or cheaper. So, why not. As far as the gliders go, I found one I loved for $100 so I emailed the people about it and now I'm just waiting to see if she still has it.

So that's our week so far. I'll be sure to update the pictures soon, hopefully. As for now, 14 weeks down 26 weeks to go. Keep praying for us.

ps. speaking of prayers, if you wouldn't mind, my friend's brother-in-law was sent off to Afghanistan for 8 months, leaving wife and new baby behind. So maybe say a prayer for Chris too.

Thanks, Sam

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