Monday, January 5, 2009

Doc visit # 3, unscheduled

So I knew I was starting to get sick Friday night. I came home from work, had some soup, some tea and a freeze pop and hit the sac.

I woke up at 5am to pee... but also because my throat felt like it was on fire and my ears were itchy and sore. So I made my way downstairs and had some more hot tea (decaf thank you) and some soup. I laid on the couch all day downing about five cups of tea, one bowl of soup, and 2 or 3 freeze pops. I started feeling a little better in time to head out to see friends of the family for some great food and football. I actually had a bigger appetite and had a lot to eat. When we got home that night I was able to sleep pretty well. I was hoping this was the end of the cold.

I woke up Sunday feeling quite icky again, but not too horrible, so Justin and I headed to church and then to our friends Bert and Laura's house to watch the Ravens SPANK the Dolphins. It was a great game and I was feeling much better. Later that night, however my cold came back full force and I was in the same throat/ear pain as I had been before. I attempted some more freeze pops, more soup, sprite, water, anything I thought would help and NOTHING did. Then, while I aldready was tossing and turning in bed because of my throat and ears, my sides, lower back, and lower abdomen starting hurting unbearably. I woke Justin up at five a.m. crying my eyes out and begging him not to go to work. Still not able to sleep I sat on the couch trying to shut my eyes some until 9am, and trying to decide whether to visit my primary care physician, my OB, or the hospital. I wasn't bleeding but with such horrible pain I was preparing for the worst. My OB doctor's office opened at 10 and we were able to get an appt with him for 12:40 today. Meanwhile I researched everything I could about pain in those areas, and my guess was either the worst, or a UTI/kidney infection.

We got to the doctor's and I found out I had lost five lbs in two weeks. This didn't suprise me much because I haven't had much of an appetite and because I gained a good amount of weight over the summer before finding out I was pregnant so I figured I wouldn't gain much right off. The nurse practitioner (I'm assuming) then put the gel all over my stomach and pulled out the doppler. In our previous visits the doctor had not used the doppler so we hadn't had a chance to hear the heartbeat. We held our breaths, and low and behold, there we heard it. The little swishing, beating heart of our baby. It was nice and strong at about 150 bpm, which is around what they hope to see. We were instantly relieved, but still worried about all the pain. The doctor then came in and checked my fundus location (the top of the uterus) to make sure I was growing like I should, and then asked about the pain. As soon as I said where it all was he was 100% sure of himself when he said that it was basically growing pains. He said that as the uterus grows and the ligaments attaching the uterus to the body pull and stretch, I'll feel muscle pains where those ligaments are attached. He also said that the pelvic bones (in all the areas I had pain) are starting to soften as they should, creating a kind of unstable pelvis (which is normal). Because of this, the bones are free to move some and a lot of the pain is because they are rubbinbg up against one another. What a relief, right? I was almost hoping for a UTI so I could have an antibiotic and in a few days no more pain. Instead this bone rubbing can go on for quite some time so I could have this pain for a while. But he prescribed a mild narcotic (which I plan to make my saving grace if this pain doesn't let me sleep) and even gave me eardrops and told me to take sudafed for my cold.

All in all it was a pretty crazy day. We were quite relieved to FINALLY hear our baby (it was pretty amazing) and definitely relieved to find that everything is okay. Our next visit is 16 weeks and the doctor told me today that our SUPER sonogram (the measuring and sex determining sonogram) will be at 18 weeks. It makes me feel much better to know that there are only 2 weeks between the next two sonograms. Hopefully by then I'll be able to feel the baby move and won't be such a worry wart about what's going on in there.

Regardless, please keep us, and baby smith, in your prayers. We have quite an adventure up ahead of us and can only hope for smooth sailing from here on out until we get to meet our little guy or girl.

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