Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Victory. 16

So here we are.. Victory number 16. I was 16 weeks this past Tuesday, but had an aweful headache so didn't feel much like updating.

Since my last post, not too much has changed, besides the "snow storm" we had on Monday, which was great! Justin was off work all day so we spent the day running errands and enjoying the snow. We didn't go out and play in it because I've decided I'm allergic to the cold (eek) but the boys definitely enjoyed it.

Our big sixteen week news will hopefully be the sex of our baby. I had my doctor's appt. scheduled for tomorrow at 9:20 am. This isn't my big appt. but I was planning on asking the doc for an ultrasound anyhow to see if we could tell the sex. Well, turns out Justin will be on travel for work for our big ultrasound, so that gave us more of a reason to find out tomorrow. BUT, then the doctor's office called and said the doctor wouldn't be in his Towson office tomorrow, and asked if we could reschedule for Friday. I was super sad and was even tearing up when I called Justin to find out what time he'd be able to leave work. When I called the office back, I scheduled my 16 week check-up on Friday for 2:50 pm and I even asked if they would be able to do an ultrasound. Because Justin will be out of town for the 18 week visit, they said the doctor would probably do the ultrasound for us Friday as long as we remind him right of the bat. This definitely made the switch in appt. a little better for us.

I also started up our registry at Babies R' Us today. There's nothing on it yet, I just took care of the paperwork part (which wasn't much really). Now, when we're ready (maybe Saturday morning after we know the sex) we can go around the store with the registry gun and add things to the list. It will be listed under Samantha Smith as the primary person. You can also search Porter or Justin Smith. I'll update again when we've actually added a majority of the things to the list!

And... for your viewing pleasure again, here are three pics. The first one is 15 weeks 1 day, the second is 15 weeks 4 days, and the third is 16 weeks 1 day. Enjoy!!

Check back sometime this weekend to see whether we'll be welcoming in baby Liliana June or Jackson Scott this coming July!!!

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