Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prenatal Heart Monitors

So I went shopping with my friend heather today and her adorable little boy Charlie, and our first stop was babies r' us. I decided to grab one of those prenatal heart listener gadgets. As soon as I got home tonight I wanted to check it out, and unfortunately it's too early on for me to pick anything up.

I'm super bummed by this because, despite having made it to the 2nd trimester, I'm still scared EVERY day that we could still lose the baby, which is why I wanted the heart sound monitor.

So, I've decided that if anyone wants to buy me the REAL doppler (like the doctor's use) from Craigslist for $150.... I'll totally accept.

But really, I think I might drive myself crazy unless I get this thing. So keep your eyes out for an updated post saying I bought one... but I don't know if Justin would say yes to that expensive, not a 'necessity' buy :/

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  1. You can rent them :) We did... I think it was like $14 a month or something like that.
    You send it back when you are done.
    I just googled this real quick... you can google, compare pricing and stuff... for peace of mind, it was worth it.