Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Victory. 15

Today marks our 15 week victory. Having receivied our doppler in the mail, the next few weeks (until the little Nuva starts kicking) should go by much easier.

We go back to the doctor's next week for a bunch of tests, mainly blood tests and the ever so lovely pap! Woo hoo. The doctor said this is NOT the sex determination visit, but I figure, if he does an ultrasound, what's the harm in asking, right!?
After that we have two more weeks to wait until we have our super sonogram where the baby gets all measured up and we get to take a sneak peak at the "goods" if we don't already know by then. I'm hoping that my doctor sends his patients to the sonography place in St. Joe's. I got to watch a few sonograms being done there during my clinical rotation, and they usually end the "super" sonograms with a few 3D pics and you get a slew of other pics as well. *Crossing Fingers*.

Anyhow. Week 14 went by pretty uneventful (besides the shopping and doppler of course) so I'm hoping for the same with week 15 (except maybe some movements would be nice :D ).

I put this together last night to see my belly progression (if barely any) and I plan on doing it every five weeks or so (if I remember, that is). Each picture is dated and has the number of weeks and days from ten weeks to 14 weeks and 6 days. So, enjoy!!!!

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