Monday, February 2, 2009


So I just wanted to say that I STILL hate the steelers and that I say YUCK to them winning. Ben R (I can't spell his name) is a great quarterback but he makes me SOOOO MAD when he pulls those last minute amazing plays. ARGHHHH!!!

AND I also wanted to say YUCK to phil, the groundhog. I'm completely dissatisfied with this 6 more weeks of winter crap!!!

ANDDDD!!! I want olive garden, NOW!! It's almost an urgent matter. :)

So. I'm getting Olive garden and coming home to read for school (yuck to that too).

P.S. 1 more day til victory 18. and just 3 more days until the BIG day!!! Baby boy or baby girl, we WILL find out this Thursday. I'm determined. Caffeine, exercise, OJ, candy. Whatever you want you can have it baby, just let me see the goods. Please and Thank you :)

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  1. Good luck! I have mine on Wed morning and I am pleading with baby to not be shy!! LOL!