Friday, February 6, 2009

More pics

I finally found my adapter to my phone mini sd card so I just uploaded the rest of the pics we have. So here's our boy, Jackson Scott Smith!!
This shows his big ol' feet :)

This is Jax using his hand to point to his... wee wee! As if to say "Hey! I'm a BOY!!"

In this pic, Jax has his left hand up to his mouth and his mouth is open. It looks to me like he's yelling at the sonogram tech, ha ha!

This is one of our 3D pics she gave us. It's not great but you can kind of see his face a bit and his little arm with his left fist against his cheek :)

And here is our other 3D pic from the left side of him. You can see hus face a bit again, and his mouth and little button nose. In this pic he has his hand up to his left cheek again. It almost looks like he's shy in this picture, but we know better than that don't we?!

And just because, here is the first picture we got of him before we knew we knew he was our Jackson!!! This sonogram was done at 7 weeks and two days and you can just barely see his little embryo body up in the right hand corner of the uterus. Seems like so long ago already :)

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