Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Victory. 21

Today (yes, today) is victory 21! There wasn't too much excitement this week. We kind of just did the work/school thing for the most part. BUT we did go duck pin bowling this past friday for my friend Julie's birthday. It was fun, especially because I've never gone duck pin bowling (only done 10 pin before) but after just 1 game, my back started hurting. So I sat the rest of the night out and when we got home my back hurt terribly. I was getting kind of worried, but I was finally able to fall asleep (thankfully). When I woke up I felt better, but then, when I was trying to pick up dog poo from the back yard, my back started hurting again! Argh!!!! So I quit the poo. haha. It will have to wait until we get a longer pooper scooper.

Beyond that, not too much excitingness has gone on. I did just sort through all the baby clothes Jared and Kris gave us from baby Joey arranging them by size and type of clothing. We came up with 1 full bin of up to 3 months clothes and 1 1/2 full bins of up to 6 months clothes (and a few random greater than 6 months pieces). This does not include the handful of clothes we've bought as well.

I also stopped by walmmart today to pick up some paint samples and I think we've decided. My sister-in-law is stopping by later to check them out since she and my brother are doing the painting over our spring break (they both go to Towson as well).

Besides all this, I've really just been very very tired. It's mainly from school stress, but I definitely have to start getting more sleep, because school stress usually gets me sick eventually!
Oh, and Jackson decided to move this past week. My 20 week appt was this past Thursday and he was on the right side, as usual, as this is where I told the tech she'd find the heart beat. Well I get home either friday or saturday and bring out my doppler, and I can't find his heartbeat. I'm searching all over before I finally find it on the lower left side of my belly. Then it disappeared again because he must have been moving all around. If only I could feel him moving!!! Hopefully you'll be reading "I finally felt a real kick" post soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

That's all for tonight. I would normally post my 21 week pic at this point in the post.. BUT I haven't had a chance to take one yet, so I'll do that later and post it either later tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

P.S. I have to mention that Justin is not home right now because he's out making me extremely happy. I've wanted arby's all day... so he decided he'd go get me arby's and him Qdoba. :D What a great daddy he'll be!

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