Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Victory. 19

So yesterday was officially victory 19 but I once again was too tired to post, so here it is today.

I'm finally 19 weeks (and one day) and I have just 6 short days until I'm half way there. And I'm beyond excited. It makes the reality of being 24 weeks or 28 weeks or 30 something weeks all the more possible.

Week 18 was indeed an exciting one, as I'm sure you've read. We got to find out that our sweet little one is indeed a HE and will be our little Jackson Scott Smith. I have already said how extremely thrilled Justin was :) And I am too of course. But I was a little sad for a few minutes. I definitely wanted to give my family a girl (seeing as in two years we've had 7 or 8 boys on my mom's side alone) and I wanted to give Justin's family a girl also since they haven't really had one in 17 years. I also wanted to give Justin's dad a granddaughter becuase he seemed so excited about the possibility of it. My dad wanted a boy but I was less worried about that because he has 5 kids, at least one of which I'm sure will give him his grandson! I also got a little sad seeing all the cute spring dresses in babies r us. But then I remembered how MUCH my boy doggies LOVE their mommy (they are SUCH momma's boys) so I know this one will be too!

Well, since the ultrasound, we've had a couple of exciting things happen. For one, we're selling our pool table so we have an open dining room for baby things and baby toys! And we possibly have a buyer. I'm just now waiting on a check to see if it is legitimate or not. Also, at some point this weekend Justin and I were getting ready for bed and I pulled out the doppler. I just wanted to hear the little one before I went to sleep. So I'm laying there listening and then I realize, he is moving around like crazy (his movements make a weird noise on the doppler). Well I started focusing and noticed that when the doppler was pressed to my stomach I could feel little movements as I was hearing them. This was beyond cool. (In fact I just kept smiling and saying how cool it was). Unfortunately I can't feel much unless there's pressure being put on my stomach, like me jeans, the seatbelt or the doppler, but I'm starting to notice them more and more. It's nothing too obvious yet, just the little flutters that everyone talks about. So I'm still waiting on my first kick.

Beyond that not much else exciting has happend. I actually had a pretty crappy 19 week victory day ( I ended up missing my ENTIRE morning class because, despite being there 20 minutes early, I drove around for an hour and a half literally, trying to find parking and I didn't find it so I left. It irritates me beyond belief especially because I pay 230 some odd dollars a year to park in the campus garages.) And speaking of a "crappy" 19 week day, I woke up around 3 am to pee last night, which has become more common. Well Carlin woke up too! And when I went back to bed he kept coming over and putting his paws on the bed and just bothering me. So I kept pushing him away. The last time he did this our room was REALLY hot and he was panting. Well I was getting hot, so I figured he might be getting hot too, so around 3:30 I decided to just get up and let him out to cool off and maybe turn the thermostat down. Well when I look up, Carlin is stooping in the corner and crapping on the carpet. The whole time I thought he was over-heated he was really trying to tell me he had to go out. So I did let him out, as I think he had more business to do, and I had to clean it up. GROSS!!!! It smelled so bad that I had to put some alcohol rub under my nose and wrapped a scarf AND a bandana around my face. It was horrid... and Justin slept through the WHOLE THING!!! ugh.

Anyways. I'll leave you with my 19 week pics. Here's to hoping I didn't just ruin your dinner, lol.

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