Thursday, February 5, 2009

IT'S A....

Beautiful, healthy, dancing, 8 0z (so far), Baby BOY!!!
His name will be Jackson Scott Smith. The sonogram tech was amazing, very nice and especially funny. And today Jax was not shy AT ALL. One of the first images we saw was his "goods" and before the tech even got a chance to say anything, I said "It's definitely a boy." Justin is superrrrr excited. I think he's more excited that he gets to tell everyone "I told ya so." Anyhow, the tech looked over everything of course and said everything looks perfectly normal. Normal spaced eyes, a nicely beating 4-chamber heart, some kidneys, a stomach, all parts of the brain, ten fingers/ten toes and a very OBVIOUS... wee wee! We also noticed that so far.. the baby has my nose and DEFINITELY Justin's feet. ha ha. As soon as she showed the feet I said "Oh my God, look at how big those feet are." Apparantly when Justin was born, the doc said the same thing to his mom. haha. How fitting that I said those words today then. The doc came in after the tech was done and checked it all over and gave us the "normal" news which is the best news we could have hoped for. The only thing that worried me a bit was the placenta which they say they measure the distance if it's looking kind of low (close to the cervix) which could mean placenta previa. They like to see it 2 inches or 2 centimeters away (whatever scale they might be measuring on) and mine was 2.3 something or 2.6 something. So she said it was ok.

Little Jax also seems to be getting quite squished in there so he's waiting for me to grow some more so he can stretch out.

The tech gave us 10 pics (which she isn't supposed to give us that many heh). We also got to see the baby wave, dance, cross his legs, blow kisses, and give my belly kisses (that's what it looked like at least).

Anyhow, here's some of MY pics for our BIG day and here are a few of the sonogram pics we got. I'll post more when I upload them. Enjoy!!!!

Jackson Scott Smith

Giving my belly kisses :)

And, the oh so obvious "IT'S A BOY" shot!!


  1. Congratulations!! That is DEFINITELY a boy! :) We had a similar experience at our anatomy scan, though ours turned out to be a girl. But, she's got her Momma's nose and her Daddy's feet (aah!). AND, I have marginal placenta previa. Weird coincidences! Anyway - congrats!

  2. I've already told Justin, but I'll say it again: Congratulations to both you!
    Now keep that boy away from my daughters! :)
    We're excited to meet him soon!

  3. You're so cute pregnant!!!!