Friday, February 20, 2009

20 week check up, Placentas and Spray Tans, Oh My!!!

So I've been kind of bummed because lately I've been feeling little flutters ON OCCASION, and have yet to really feel a kick. And I'm 20 weeks 3 days already. Lots of mom-to-be's on baby centers are on their first babies and have felt good kicks by now! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting patiently. So this past thursday was my 20 week check up (and two days of course). Well I went and they checked my weight and blood pressure like usual (142 and 118/74) and I peed in the cup like always. Well then they checked the heart beat which they found right where I told them I would (and it was nice and strong). The tech was training a new girl so she also wanted her to hear my heart beat from the doppler and they found that where I told them they would also, ha ha. So then the doc came in and checked my fundal height and the top of my uterus is right above my belly button, which is just a tad above where a 20 week baby would be ( I think mine's a little higher because Jackson is going to be tall, but that's just my opinion). So then the doc saw my list of questions I had with me and we sat down to discuss them:

My first question was about the circumcision: who does it, can I be there to watch, and what method does he use. The answers were all good. My OB will do it, I can be there, and he said he'd use whatever method I want (the one I want is the Gamko method [spelling may be off] where they put a metal bell shaped thing under the foreskin and over the head. Then they put a clamp on the outside to cut off circulation to the part of foreskin that will be cut off. Because the metal bell thing is there, the rest of his wee wee is protected and no circulatin is cut off. They leave the clamp there for a minute or so to kind of numb the area and because the longer they leave the clamp, the less it will bleed. Then the doc just cuts the foreskin around the clamp and baby is good to go. This method rarely bleeds and is most comfortable for the baby... and allows the doc to make a good looking cut!!!). So needless to say I was pleased.

Then I asked how many people can be there, and he said one to three is usually standard.

Then I told him I want to go natural, no interventions. He said that's awesome, he'll do what I want, but made me promise to think about compromise if I really can't handle it. I agreed because I can't say now how much pain I'll be in, but I'd like to think I can make it through without drugs.

So then I asked about pediatricians. I had recently asked one of my OB clinical instructors to reccommend some, and she did. She said two of the three she listed were great and she highly reccommends them and the other she's never had a problem with. Well, without even telling him names, he named one of the ones she listed. Needless to say we will definitely be checking him out.

I also asked about all my blood work and tests and he said everything, including the baby, looks great.

Then I asked about my placenta (this is THAT part of the post). I told him they measured it and they said I was okay but that I just wanted to check. He said the measurements are fine, it's anterior, looks good. Okay.. I'm fine with that.

THEN I get home and realize he said my placenta was anterior. DUH SAM!!!! That means my placenta is in the front and the reason they measured it is because it's kind of low and they wanted to make sure it wasn't too close to my cervix. SOOOO... long story short (well not really lol) jackson is breech which means his feet are down low and his head is up high. Because my placenta is right by his feet, it's extra cushion meaning .. .I can't feel a damn thing!!! So i looked on babycenter and read posts from moms who had this in the past and they said they finally started feeling things around 22 weeks. So (sigh) a couple more weeks to go.

Finally, I've been feeling really white and pasty... and I miss my tanning like crazy. I had such good color for the wedding and it was downhill from there. So I gave in and got a spray tan today. It was a little freaky but it turned out well. So I may do that everynow and again just to get some much needed color.

Anyhow. That's the blog for today. Have a great weekend... And happy birthday Julie!!!

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