Saturday, February 7, 2009

J- -C-K-S-O-N

So after we found out Thursday that we were having a boy, we stopped by walmart for some things we needed and picked up two cute boy onesies. We then went to babies r us to look at letters to hang on the wall spelling his name. They were out of A LOT of the letters we needed and they're letters were really big and kind of expensive. So I opted for buying a few clothing items instead.

After babies r us we went to the mall to grab a few things and then to the avenue to grab dinner at Della Rose's. After dinner we stopped at A.C. Moore to look at the letters there. They didn't have the white ones I wanted but they had smaller plain wood one's, and they had every letter EXCEPT the A, hence the title for this post: J- -C-K-S-O-N! I bought them anyway because they were cheaper and because 6 out of 7 isn't bad. Well we went to babies r us to get some gifts today and stopped at Micheal's just to see if maybe they had the A. Turns out they did!!!! So now we have J-A-C-K-S-O-N!!! We're definitely going to paint them, but I want to wait to see how we paint the room first so I can match the color of the letters to the room. I can't wait :)

On another note. I'm pretty sure I felt Little Jax kicking around today. It was kind of low and to the right but since he's breech right now, I'm pretty sure it was him. I felt it for a few minutes and can't wait til I can feel it again!!! :)

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  1. Hey Samantha & Justin,
    Congrats on your new little guy, Jackson. Glad to hear you found all the letters in his name! Congrats!