Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Victory. 26

Officially 26 weeks today. Not too much to update though since I just updated a few days ago. I'll probably have my glucose test this week so I'm sure I'll update with how gross it was shortly after.

The only new thing is that I'm starting to feel Jackson a little more frequently. He's stingy though!! He'll kick and I'll put my hand there and then he'll stop. He especially likes to do that when Justin tries to feel him. He just isn't having it. SOOOOO.... with that said, if you haven't felt him move, don't take it personally. I usually don't even let people touch my stomach because there's no point. He doesn't like to be touched yet I guess. When I notice that he's more regular, and when Justin has actually had more of a chance to feel him as I think HE should have the first dibs on that one seeing as Jackson is HIS son, I'll start letting people feel. Until then, hold your horses. I'll let you know when he's ready to share! For now, this is my time to enjoy him. It's just starting to get more frequent so I haven't had much time myself to even experience it yet. And I'd like to have a little something to myself before I share... and I'd especially like to have Justin get some one on one time before the rest of the world does.

That's all for now. Maybe more later (seeing as it's only 11:48 am and I still have the whole day to go through). We are planning on finally visiting Rob, Sharon, and Baby Lucas tonight so I'll update on that as well!

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