Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Victory. 23

Today marks the victory of week 23! Just one more week to go until the countdown to D-day begins AND just 19 more days to go until we start counting down from 100 :) I can't wait.

In this weeks news (that I haven't already updated): my poor hubby has been sick with what we're thinking is the flu. He'll have a fever of 100 one minute and then like an hour later his temp will be normal at like 98.5 or so. It's definitely frustrating, seeing as he's had to stay home for 2 days already and another day tomorrow so he can go to the doc.

We've been faithfully using hand sanitizer and washed all of our couch blankets today to keep me from getting sick. I even studied at Julie's ALL DAY yesterday partially to stay out of the house... but to no avail! I ended up starting to come down with something today. I have a cough and a sore throat from the cough. And anytime my throat bothers me, my ears start and that's the worst. Unfortunately I also started with some ligament pain in my side late last night that continued into today. So instead of taking robitussin (the only thing I can really take) I opted for ear drops and pain pills that I got the last time I had bone and ligament pain.

In other news, I'm one exam down and three more to go this week. Then 3 papers over spring break. What a JOY. I'm hoping to make it to the ocean at some point over spring break just to relax for a day.

In Jackson news. Julie made lasagna last night and he loved it. He was moving all around and even gave me a painful kick (he kicked me in my sore ligament). AND in the BIG Jackson news. While we were pitifully resting on the couch tonight he started moving around. Usually when Justin tries to feel he stops. BUT this time Justin actually got to feel him :) I was so super excited. It was great. And he's been moving ever since. Unfortunately most of his movements are right on top of my bladder, but I suppose I can deal with that.

This Saturday we will hopefully order our furniture for the room which I'm also excited about.

Beyond that, it's business as usual around here. Work, school, no sleep, lol. But I'm still making it! I haven't taken a picture yet this week, but hopefully I'll feel well enough to do so tomorrow. Until then, happy 23 weeks. Thanks for all thoughts, prayers, and following up until this point and in advance for the next 17 weeks. :)

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