Sunday, March 8, 2009

Interesting Week

This week has been pretty interesting. This past Thursday I found out my grandmother's sister passed away. It was expected but changed the week a little bit. I had to work Thursday night and Friday night and then my sister in law was coming Friday night to paint the baby's room. Justin was also supposed to work Friday night but on the way to work his battery light came on so he called out for the night. When I got home we had a completely painted baby's room, which was super exciting (especially since instead of napping that day, I spent my free time cleaning and packing things up). The bottom was red and the top was tan and we had plans of putting a white trim up between the two colors. Well when we took the tape off from between the colors Saturday morning, there was a perfect white line all the way around the room, and it completely rid the need for trim. My sister in law still thinks we need the trim but we'll have to decide that later. All in all the room looks great.

This Saturday was our 1 year anniversary of when we tied the knot at the court house. We had planned to have lunch with my parents and dinner with Justin's but we weren't sure when my Aunt Bertha would be laid out. We ended up having lunch with my parents and then Justin seemed really sick so we came home and spent the night in. It definitely seemed like he was getting the flu so he spent the night on the couch with a 101.5 temperature. That's not very fun considering I could possibly get the flu too and that's no good for me and baby.

Anyhow, we found out that my aunt will be laid out today (Sunday) and buried tomorrow, so that changes my studying schedule a bit (as I have an exam tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday and friday, ugh). Justin will be staying home to keep my grandmother from getting sick and I'll be joining my brother for the viewing after I study for exams with some girls from the nursing program.

I'll end with some pictures of the room and of me at 22 weeks 3 days. Enjoy!

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