Saturday, March 14, 2009

Money Saving Deals: furniture

So during one of my many browsings since I've been sick, I came across a post of somebody talking about babies r us coupons. She wasn't using them, so she was going to give them away, but then another woman commented that the coupons could be found on the babies r us website. So I went on and I found some coupons. Three that were of particular interest were the ones that said save $75 or $150 or $250 dollars on nursery furniture. I decided to print them out just in case, and since they didn't cover the glider and ottoman we wanted, I cut out the 15% off any item coupon that I got from a babies r us catalog.

Well the coupons expire in a week or so, so Justin and I decided to go to the store today to order our furniture (despite me hacking up a lung). We picked out the furniture and sat down to order and it came to a whopping $1700 plus some odd amount. YIKES!!! Because it was so much, however, it made us elligible to use the $250 off coupon for the furniture. So we applie for the credit card which would give us another 10% off and then made our way to the register. When we got there, she rung up the furniture, took our two coupons and then did our 10 % off from the credit card application and.... ba ba ba ba.... we ended up paying $1300 something instead, saving a total of $528 I think. CRAZINESS!!!

Justin high fived me a couple of times for that :)

So, without further adeu, here are pics of what our furniture will look like:

The wonderful Babi Italia 4 in one convertible crib

The dresser/changing table

The armoir

And the glider and ottoman (but I believe we ordered the one with a dark green fabric)
I am extremely extremely excited about all of this and I can't wait until it gets here in 7-14 days :)

And I finally took my 23 week pictures. They're not the best, but considering I've signed my life over the flu temporarily, you'll have to forgive me.


  1. Yeah for the furniture! I love it!

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