Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 pieces down, 1 to go

So we picked up three out of four of our furniture pieces today. It took two trips and taking stuff out of one of the boxes to bring it all home. Wayne and Justin did all the lifting and carrying and it wasn't easy!!! When they got the two big boxes in, they realized that the boxes were too big to take up the steps, so we decided to open them and carry the pieces up to the baby's room. Well, when they ripped the boxes open, the dresser and the armoir were both already put together inside the boxes!!! Craziness. This didn't make their job easier, but gave me a lot less to do!!! Once we got those two pieces upstairs, and two boxes, a lot of styrofoam, and 6 trash bags later, all I had to do was put a few pieces together for the rocking chair. So now, with the dresser, armoir, and rocking chair ready, all we need is the crib (which is currently sitting at babies r us waiting for us to show up with a pick up truck). I will have to put that together, but I hear it's really easy! Yay for that.

The 3 pieces that we do have together look great and I can't wait to organize it all. Thanks a bunch to Justin and Wayne for working so hard today (and to Justin's dad for getting some things to the dump for us today). What a productive... tiring day.

On the school front, my group is ALMOST done our group paper (14 pages later). We're still waiting on a small part from each person, but now the light at the end of the tunnel (for just THIS paper) is visible. I still have two minor papers to do by tuesday, but they shouldn't take too long... maybe the better part of Sunday afternoon! I'm sooooo ready for the middle of may to get here, and FAST!!!

I am glad, however, that Spring is finally here. Now if only we had Spring temperatures. :) Oh boy I can't wait!!

And to end the weekend, we plan to maybe visit Sharon, Rob, and Baby Lucas tomorrow after church. We're both healthy again (although I still have a cough that made me sick a little today, but I think that's here to stay for awhile, no virus attached) so we won't be spreading our germs to the family. We're very excited to meet him and to congratulate the new parents in person.

Well.. that's all for now... I'm pooped. So maybe a quick nap before lunch/dinner and work (Booo work!!!) Enjoy the weekend.

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