Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Babycenter Birth

So I'm up at 6 am because my acid reflux is TERRIBLE this morning. I woke up to potty around 5 and the acidy, bubbly grossness just won't let me get back to sleep. So I ventured down to the kitchen for some tortilla chips (which tend to make me feel better) and to check our mega millions tickets! Sorry.. we didn't win.

But I happened to stroll over to onto my July birth board to find that the first of our July mommies-to-be had her baby this morning! She was 24 weeks 5 days (so, now, just 4 days past me) and she had been told around 21 weeks that she had almost no amniotic fluid left. She's been in and out of the hospital for weeks and the doctors told her they wouldn't be able to do anything until she was 24 weeks. Maybe a week or two ago they told her she had absolutely NO fluid left and the baby's chances were slim to none! Well this past friday marked her 24 week day and she started steroids to help the baby develop... and she held on until this morning. But... this morning she had her baby boy Christian via C-section. He weighed 1 lb 5 oz! AND... he's got a 70% chance of survival!!! He's currently in the NICU and doing well!

Just a little miracle I thought was worth sharing!

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  1. I am July BCC member as well!! Due July 3rd! I have been keeping up with Christian as well. When are you due?