Sunday, March 29, 2009


Alright! So FINALLY!!! I have had good sunlight and decent time to take some pictures. I was planning on doing this yesterday, but we worked Friday night and didn't get home until almost three am. So on Saturday morning we woke up early because justin had a harford alumni lacrosse game to play in. Justin really wanted me to go so I went (a little after him) and, despite the cold and the mist, I watched the "old" guys play like they were still in college. Well, clearly they weren't because they ended up losing to the younger old guys, but they still had a lot of fun. Here's two pictures from the game. I circled Justin.
After the game, Justin and I and a few of the other guys went to bull on the beach in Aberdeen for some lunch. It was good seeing Chris Fielder again and Justin enjoyed seeing some of the other guys. I left shortly after to go to the baby shower for Joe and Rachel. Joe works with Justin at Ramshead and Mothers and we went to their wedding two summers ago. It was a very nice shower and I got some more ideas for the registry from it. My favorite was the wee's something you put over your little guy's wee so you don't get sprayed during diaper changes. Our friends Dustin and Sandi told us we'd be getting one from them because they thought it was hilarious.
Immediately after the shower I had to rush off to work for another LONG night with the same band from friday. My feet were still hurting, so I picked up some slippers hoping that would help. Unfortunately it didn't. I put the slippers on around 10 or so and around 10:30 I noticed that one side of each ankle was swollen. FUN!!! Well work lasted until.. oh... about 2 something in the morning and I didn't get home until well after 3!!! I was exhausted. So today.. we woke up around 8:30 and decided there was no way either of us could function, so we went back to sleep and woke up again around 11. Because we missed church and were still just drained, we decided to go to IHOP for breakfast with Emily and Danny. It was fantastic :) and very much needed. So we came home and then decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather by walking around the avenue at white marsh. This seemed like a great idea but about halfway through our ventures, I noticed BOTH sides of each ankle were swollen now. yay!! We went over to the mall and I ended up buying new, very comfortable flip flops that instantly made my feet feel better. They didnt' take down the swelling but my feet didn't hurt as much. When we got home I decided to make home-made lasagna with Julie's recipe. And now... I'm finally sitting down watching Breaking Bad with Justin.
Tomorrow starts my first day with patients at my pediatric clinical. For this part of the semester I'm at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital working with the birth to 3 year age group. Most of the patients are less than a year old and they're all very sick. Last wednesday was the first time I've ever seen a baby with a trach! It was definitely eye opening that someone so small who's supposed to be so healthy can be so sick. So this part of the semester should definitely be interesting for me.
Anyhow, before we went to white marsh, I was able to take some pictures of the room and some 25 week belly shots that I hear people have been anxiously awaiting for. So here they are. Hopefully it was worth the wait :)

25 weeks 5 days!!

Definitely getting bigger!

Side shot (and trying to cover some new and very UN-exciting stretch marks)

Carlin wanted to give Jackson some lovin'.

The crib.

The bedding set.

A couple stuffed animals and a stuffed book of nursery rhymes that grandma made for Jackson (my mom).

And the GIANT elephant that i just HAD to have... but it didn't end up being as giant as I thought. ha ha. He's still cute though.

The armoir and the lamp and diaper stacker that match the bedding set!

... and already full of clothes and blankets.

The rocking chair!!! I LOVE it. Hanging over it is a soft mickey mouse blanket that Justin loved and wanted for Jackson. And next to the rocking chair is the rocking horse that I posted about before.

The dresser/changing table. We're starting quite the collection of toys there. A lot of them came from Gavrielle (my flower girl) who was so willing to share with Jackson :)

Oh... and the THREE containers of clothes sitting next to the dresser!

And last but not least, my two newest buys... The Tale of peter Rabbit and the cutest shoes ever :)

Happy Sunday evening!!!
EDIT: I almost forgot. We can now OFFICIALLY start counting down from 100 days as the baby widget on the blog just reminded me. YAY!!!!

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  1. ur absolutely gorgeous pregnant and the nursery is awesome!!! i'm so excited 4 u!