Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still sick..

And not getting ANY better. Actually, now I'm battling a fever, horrible cough, sore throat, and sore ears. :( I feel so crappy I can't even study. All of my words kind of just blur together and no energy to write.

Now we're just hoping this doesn't lead to an emergency room/labor and delivery visit. The only thing I can take is extra strength tylenol, robitussin, my ear drops, and throat lozenges. The doc said there's nothing else he can do besides that (since I can't take real meds) but if my temp goes up and won't break I'll have to go to the hospital. :::sigh::: What a fun week of exams!

Justin is still sick as well. He went to the doc today and the doc said no work for the rest of the week OR weekend for him. Justin got the flu shot a while back so he wasn't sure how he got the flu, but the doc said he got a mutated version of it and has since developed a sinus infection. Justin is now wondering what the point of the flu shot is and I tried to explain that they create the vaccine based on the strain that starts in other countries and makes it's way around to us. Unfortunately, going through so many people and places, there's always a chance that the virus can mutate enough to still get people sick, even if they were vaccinated. Yet another reason I don't get the flu shot.

Hopefully this will start to taper off tomorrow so I can study and be ready for my final on Friday. Please oh please!!!!

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