Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Victory. 25

... and just 15 more weeks to go! Not too much has happened since the last visit... BESIDES turning in that 25 page group paper I've been stressing over. Today was THAT day, and I didn't sleep much at all last night because of it. I went to bed relatively early after working on the paper for 8 long hours with my group but for some reason I couldn't sleep and I kept thinking about that da-gone paper. So, after turning it in I used my break time to write two small papers that were also due today. So I've been pretty much going since 8 am, nonstop. But, today in my alternative therapy class we had a guest speaker who is a Reiki master. She also has psychic abilities and she works with energy to help heal people. Well we wondered whether or not she could determine the sex of a baby, because she mentioned that she has worked with energies to help people conceive. So, I volunteered to have her do the reiki thing on me and she didn't mention anything. But when I asked her about it, she said boy rather quickly. The skeptic in me thinks that she made a great guess because of how I'm carrying since she asked me to stand up before she answered me, but she says that while she was doing the reiki thing she heard over and over "He". So it was kind of interesting.

On my way home today, I gave Justin a call and he told me that he and Jared would be going to pick up the crib tonight instead of tomorrow. This of course made me happy. So we made our way to babies r us and now the crib is sitting in the box in the baby's room waiting for some free hands and tools to set it up :) Julie and i plan on doing that sometime this week. While we were out, though, we stopped at Walmart to return some things and I decided to look at their jewelry. We had talked about getting me a "fake" bling ring to wear in place of my engagement ring and wedding band because they're getting kind of tight and I'd hate to have a swelling incident where my rings would have to be cut off. So, I found a very pretty three stone ring for about $50 and we decided to get it. It was definitely worth it. My finger can now breathe and it still looks pretty.

Other than all of that, today makes 25 weeks. And, as of now we've had 4 babies born and doing as well as can be expected on the July 2009 birth board. It's really scary to know that women about as far along as I am are already having their babies, but it's comforting to know that these babies have a fighting chance and are indeed being little fighters. Despite this small comfort, I still pray for each day to come and go with ease and each week is still a victory. The more time Jackson has to grow right where he's at, the better for him and us. I'm eager to meet this little guy and see what exactly we've been preparing for, but I'm just as eager to make it to 30 weeks and beyond. As for being 25 weeks today, I have not yet taken a picture. I hurried to get ready today and get out of the house and I'm just too tired and look too tired to smile at the acmera today. SO, when I do take that picture, I'll post it. I'll also post pictures of the baby's room as soon as the crib is up. I can't wait, but I have to, so you will have to also :)

Happy Tuesday!

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