Saturday, May 2, 2009


I finally updated the last post (Coundown: 10) with a 30 week picture for comparison. It's all the way at the bottom.

In other news, I had my 30 week check up on Thursday. Everything went well, the baby sounds good, I'm measuring right on, my blood pressure is great as usual, and I LOST 2 LBS!!!! Yay! The doctor was very impressed with that. He told me if I stay right where I am weight wise for the remainder of this pregnancy, then I'm set! ugh. How on earth am I going to do that??? Oh well. I also asked him when he will check to see if Jackson has flipped yet (since he was breech at my anatomy scan sonogram). He said he could check now, but it wouldn't matter because he'll probably flip multiple times in the next month. So he said he will wait until the last month to check on that.

When I was done, I had a lovely soup, salad, and breadsticks lunch with Julie. And then Justin came home from work early so we could go meet the Pediatrician. We decided to go with one of the doctor's in the Pediatric Partners practice right in Towson. The doctor was great and Justin and I were both very comfortable with him. So we can check that off the list. Another plus is that when we met with Justin's cousin Candace later that night to take our 30 week pictures, she told us that she takes her son Tyler there and that Ty LOVES him!! So we are super pleased.

Now on to the pictures. We loved our first round of belly pics so much we knew we wanted to do more when I was much bigger (the first one's were taken at 20 weeks by Mandy Sroka... there's a link to them somewhere on this blog). We also LOVED our wedding pictures that Justin's cousin Candace took ( and I was set on having her do some belly shots for us. So we finally got to do them this past Thursday as our 30 week pictures. We spent a good 3 hours taking pictures and I'm sooooooooo excited to see them as she uploads and edits them.

Friday was pretty relaxed. I started the day with school, as usual (but I must throw in that Friday was the LAST lecture of the semester for my Peds class, thank goodness), and Justin with work and then we came home to enjoy a Friday night off work together, which is the first in a while. We decided to head to Arundel Mills Mall so Justin could go to bass pro shops and I REALLY wanted some chili cheese fries and a chocolate strawberry shake from Johnny Rockets (which was delicious by the way). We then went to Sorrento's for our real dinner and to see all of my family that works there. We headed home late last night and crashed on the couch! It was a good Friday night :)

Today Justin is off playing kickball (after waiting up all morning for Comcast) and I have school work! We both have to work tonight, then it's church for us in the morning. Justin unfortunately leaves for a work trip tomorrow afternoon so for the next 3 or 4 days I'll be home with the boys studying for exams.. which start next week by the way! Then it's FINALLY summer time for me (minus my practicum that I'll be starting soon). Maybe I'll finally get to relax. Anyhow, here are some pictures to end the post with!

This is today, 30 weeks and 4 days!

And these are a few last minute pictures that Candace took with my camera as we were wrapping up the shoot on Thursday! I did the color and tinting adjustments... Candace's version of the night will be MUCH better!

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  1. um those pictures are scandalous! my nephew in such photos...snip snip