Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Countdown: 6

Today marks 34 weeks officially so now we have just six weeks or 42 days left. This weekend was a long weekend, thankfully, but still pretty busy for us. On thursday we spent the night hanging out with my brother and all his friends for game night. We ended up watching American Idol most of the night before even starting a game of Taboo.. and I must say the Kara and the bikini girl were hilarious!!!! Friday was a work night for both of us. I got home earlier than usually (maybe 1 am) so I went to bed while apparantly Justin hung out at No Way Jose's for a bit with some of the other security guards until maybe 4am. tisk tisk tisk. I say tisk because he knew we'd be busy all day Saturday.

Anyhow, Saturday Justin and I joined Wayne and his friends again at his friend Lenny's house for a cookout. Lenny's fiance Jess is also pregnant and due just one week and some change before me with a little girl. The cookout was nice, and hot, and afterward about 14 of us took the drove to college park and then took the metro to DC to watch the O's vs. Nats game. And man do I have a lot to say about that. First of all, the metro was crazy scary for me. And at the metro station there was only one bathroom that they were only letting one person at a time use.. and it was really GROSS! Then, when we got to DC we waited in line FOREVER to get our tickets from will call. We ended up missing 2 1/2 innings. When we finally got in, we found out our seats were on the OTHER side of the stadium and a few floors up (we were in the 300 section) and none of the escalators were working. Just GREAT for two 8 month pregnant chics!!! We finally got to our seats in the middle of the 3rd inning but I was starving at this point so then Justin and I waited forever to get food. We finally get food and sit down when everyone else decides to go get food... and would you believe that at this point (middle of the 4th inning) the stadium had run out of Nachos. What stadium runs out of nachos in the middle of the fourth inning, really???? So anyway, it was a pretty quick game and when we go to leave the metro is PACKED!! We finally get down to the track and they tell us the green line is not taking passengers and told us the other one was switching to green so we get on it. We get a few stops and then they tell us there's technical problems that we have to get off of the train and it might be a while before the green line is back up and running. We finally got back when it was well past 11 I'd say. I of course had to pee again and the security guard wouldn't let me until Justin says "uh, she's pregnant". Oye!!!
Despite all the issues though, it was a good day.

We woke up late on Sunday, thus missing church, and spent the day running around. We went to Gold's Gym and Bally's trying to find a gym to join. We also went to the mall for a bit and to Home Depot to get some things so I can put a new rod in the closets to get more use out of the crazy A-framed closets. Because they're A-framed, what I bought didn't work so well so we went to walmart to try to find a different piece, with no luck, but Justin did find a Ravens shirt that says # 1 Dad on the back :) It was very cute but I told him he couldn't wear it until after the baby is born, just so we don't get jinxed or anything.

Anyhow, yesterday we decided to head to Lowes to find the piece, which apparantly doesn't exist, but we found something else that we were able to use. We then were headed to Bally's because I liked it better there, BUT before we went in we realized that White Marsh is kind of a drive to get to the gym, especially when Gold's is almost right up the street. So we changed our mind's and headed to Gold's, which of course was closed for the holiday. So instead, Justin went to blockbuster and I got a pedicure, which felt amazing by the way. We spent the rest of the night at home cooking dinner and watching TV and Justin packed to leave for his trip today. I had to pick up my sister and her boyfriend at the airport (they went to Vegas for the weekend for Matt's birthday) and didn't get home until after one, but when I did I went right to bed and Jackson started right up with a crazy amount of kicking. I woke Justin up to say goodnight when I went to bed, and I'm glad I did because he got to feel him going nuts in there for a good 10 to 15 minutes. It was great.

Anyhow... on to 34 weeks. This morning Justin left early because he's leaving for Pennsylvania today and i slept in because I woke up a good 3 or 4 times last night to pee. Then my sister came over and we went to Gold's Gym. I mostly did walking and cycling but my sister showed me this thigh machine that I know I'm going to become really good friends with. In fact I may go back tomorrow just because of that machine. Oh.. and a great part about today was when I got the mail, there was a check from patient first for $164 that I wasn't expecting. That's always the start of a good day. Today officially starts my summer classes as well (woo hoo... right!) which are thankfully just my practicum and online class and I installed the car seat base in Justin's car today :) Tonight I plan to watch Bride Wars, if I don't wanna watch House instead, and retiring early because I'm actually pretty tired.

I didn't take any pictures today (I'm trying to wait for sunlight) but when I do, I'll post them and the pictures from the O's game. Stay tuned!!!!

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