Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Countdown: 7

Starting today we have just seven weeks or 49 days until baby Jackson greets us (hopefully not even that long).

And the way my mind works, in JUST 20 days (which is like no time) we'll have ONLY 29 more days left which is practically right around the corner, ha ha.

I didn't take pictures today because.. I just didn't. But I will take some tomorrow.

Instead I ran errands all day and will be doing the same tomorrow, starting with washing clothes at my brother's house since our washer decided to crap out on us this past weekend. Someone is coming tomorrow night to look at the washer though, so hopefully it's fixable.

On the pregnancy side of life, I've been feeling really crappy today. Comfort no longer exists, and neither do normal knees and ankles. At night I sleep with 5 pillows (two under my head, which is normal, one to squeeze, also normal, one between my legs and one wedged under my side/back). Walking is not soo fun now that my entire pubic bone hurts pretty much and when I turn in bed, I can hear my bones pop. FUN!!! My feet are tingly sometimes b/c of the extra fluid around my ankles and my legs are all together restless. Underneath the left side of my ribs is constantly uncomfortable (foot? hand? uterus? who knows). And Jackson's pushes/punches/kicks are definitely much stronger. They're not really painful, just strong and not what I'm used to. Oh.. and the stretch marks continue to be itchy and painful and the acid reflux has returned with a vengence. I'm not sure that over-dosing on TUMS exists, but if it does, I'm probably very close to doing so (or at least it seems that way with the ridiculous amount of TUMS I chomp down each day to control the reflux). I never really understood what people meant when they said the end of pregnancy is sooo uncomfortable, but I totally get it now!

On a good note (for me, not for Justin)... let the nesting begin. ha ha. Yesterday I told justin I wanted to repaint the living room/stairwell/upstairs hallway. He disagrees COMPLETELY. I also got his car washed on Friday. I cleaned all the upstairs windows yesterday (and will probably do all the downstairs windows tomorrow now that I've gotten some more window cleaner). I also folded lots of baby clothes yesterday and will fold more tomorrow after I wash them. On the "to buy" list is curtains for our room and the baby's room and some shelves for the baby's room. I also want to look into putting more rods in our closets (which Justin will probably also disagree with unless I just do it.. becuase I KNOW he'll like it afterward) and getting new bath mats. I'm hoping in the next month or two I can scrub the bathroom and kitchen, but I have to find someone to unhook the gas from the stove first because I REALLY want to clean under there because I KNOW it's gross. And finally.. the pool table just sitting in the dining room is driving me NUTS because we don't ever use it, but Justin wants to keep trying to sell it until the end of June which leaves us barely any time to find arrangements for it if no one sells it, which is what I'm anticipating.

So that's that. The nesting's begun, now I just need that nesting energy to get everything done!

Okay, that's all. The 50 day countdown is underway so look forward to a lot happening in the next 7 weeks!!

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