Monday, May 18, 2009


I totally JUST realized that TODAY starts our 50 day countdown :)
I'm completely tired after cleaning windows and folding baby clothes all day, but looking at the blog and seeing the big 5-0 definitely perked me up (even if just for a few seconds).

This past weekend has been good, but tiring. Friday night was a work night for the both of us (after finally having a morning off to run errands) and then it was up at 7am on Saturday to get ready to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Frostburg for my sister's graduation. My sister's boyfriend Matt met us here and then we picked up Wayne and Wenke to make the trip together. On the way up we stopped at the Hagerstown outlets to potty and to return my Coach purse :/ So I did and I got a wristlet instead which was about $45 cheaper than the purse. I didn't really find anything else I wanted but Justin ended up finding quite a few pair of pants for work that were pretty cheap. We then finished our drive, which was very long for me since I was so tired.

We got to see Krista graduate with her master's degree and then they were on to the Undergrad degrees, so we dipped out for a bit until they finished. After graduation, we all went to eat and then Wayne, Wenke, Justin and I started the drive home. We again stopped at the outlets to potty and so Wayne could get some shoes. I ended up getting an outfit from Motherhood Maternity but it was definitely not cheaper than the regular store. Ugh. After we left there, it POURED the entire way home, which sucked because I have a really hard time seeing the lane lines in the dark so I pretty much drove the entire way using the reflectors between the lanes. Justin and I both crashed when we got home and even slept in late, missing church.
We then had to run some errands before my sister's graduation party at Wayne's house. It was soooo crazy cold out yesterday (and today) so I spent most of the party in doors. But despite the weather, it was nice to see some of the family and friends there. One of the best moments was with Gavrielle, the flower girl from our wedding. We were sitting there and she asked (she's three mind you) if I ate a lot of food would baby Jackson come out. I said no because he needed to get bigger still. Then she asked if I had a hole for him to come out of. I said yes and her response was "Can I see it." ha ha. So I looked at her mom and told her that was for her discuss with her. Then she asked when she came out of her mommy's belly. Well Gavrielle is adopted so I turned the question over to Nancy again, and her response was "You didn't come out of my belly, you came out of my heart". This was very cute, I thought, and very pleasing to Gavrielle as well. All in all it was a pretty good day.

Today I slept in again, as I've been pretty sleepy latey, and apparantly pretty swollen according to everyone else who looks at my knees and legs. But then my mom and sister came over and my mom cleaned all of our carpets (which isn't so bad since we only have carpet upstairs) while I cleaned all of the upstairs windowns and sorted through TONS of baby clothes.

On the menu for this week is plenty of relaxing, plenty of sleeping, lots of cleaning, and hopefully getting our washing machine fixed.
I'll leave with a pic of the graduation:

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