Friday, July 31, 2009

2 week checkup

Although Jackson turned two weeks on Tuesday, he had his two week checkup with the pediatrician today. I was most concerned about his weight since he lost almost a whole pound when we brought him home. But alas, he not only gained his weight back (birth weight was 7lbs 9.4 ounces) but he also gained almost five more ounces. YAY!!!! He also grew a whole inch since he was born so he's now 21.5 inches long. My baby boy's growing fast already.

My next big concern was his fussiness after eating. Since we've switched to pumping/bottle feeding, he's sooo fussy after eating. I thought maybe it was gas, but I never hear to much gas after he eats. So then I was thinking colic and someone else mentioned acid reflux. And then someone mentioned maybe he's still hungry. So I was so confused. The doctor wasn't too worried and he said he's obviously eating well since he's growing well so he told us to either play with the amount we're feeding him or to try gripe water. So we'll see. We attempted to feed him more today, which he took and did not fuss about at all, but it ended up on Justin's shirt afterwards, ha ha.

Other than that all went well. He had his heel pricked for his PKU test which he HATED and screamed through but everything else was normal and he doesn't need to go back for almost 6 weeks, which then he will start getting some immunizations :(

Anyhow, since I'm sure what you REALLY want is some pictures, here are some more recent ones from the week! Enjoy. ( For some reason my computer will not let me rotate my pictures right now so I'll have even more to post soon)

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