Friday, July 3, 2009

General update!!!

-I'm due on Tuesday, July 7th.
-It's a boy.
-His name will be Jackson Scott Smith.
-No, he is not, and I repeat, he is NOT being named after Michael Jackson. And NO we are not changing his name to Jackson Michael.
-Yes I'm ready. I've been ready.
-I'm feeling fine, thanks.
-No, I'm not having any contractions.
-Yes, I am STILL pregnant. Thanks for suggesting it 400 thousand times.
-Yes, I know I'm HUGE, thanks for noticing.
-No, I DON'T know when he's coming. If I could predict the birthdate of babies, I'd be rich.
-No, my doctor has not talked induction and I don't think he's planning to in the very near future.
-Yes, I want a natural, pain medication free birth (keep comments to yourself please).
-Yes, I've tried everything to get him out sooner, nothing works.
-I know that sex, walking, spicy food, pineapple, accupressure/massage, castor oil (and the list goes on) is supposed to put me in labor, BUT IT HASN'T!!!!! And if you suggest that I try these things I may just scream
-Yes, I know... any day now.
-Sorry, me telling him how bad you want to meet him is NOT going to get him here sooner.

Sorry... been in a sour mood all day and I just keep getting the same questions every day by everyone: people I know, people I meet, random people in the store.
Maybe I won't be so bitter tomorrow!

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  1. awwwe.... you're doin good girl :) the end of pregnancy is NEVER fun... but your beautiful and handling it all well :)
    Go get that hubby of yours to give you a nice foot rub! You deserve it!