Thursday, July 9, 2009

How dare you Baby Widget!?!

Haha. I find it humorous that the baby widget on the blog counted all the way down to zero and has decided to count BACK up. So if you want to keep up with just how overdue I am, he's doing a great job at updating for you.

So yes, I'm now officially 2 days overdue! Boooo!. We didn't get a firecracker baby, we didn't get our full moon due date baby, and alas, we did not get our 7/8/9 baby! And from how I feel now, it doesn't seem that we'll be getting a 7/9/9 baby either.

I'm pretty much agreed that he will in fact be a 7/14 baby instead if the induction goes smoothly enough to not allow me a 24 plus hour labor (yikes). So we'll be packing our bags this weekend (ok.. go ahead and laugh because you KNOW they've been packed for weeks) and planning for a 6am visit to St.Joe's Labor and Delivery to get things going on Tuesday morning. I'm still planning to have a natural birth (no pain-meds) so we'll see how it goes. I've gotten some responses from baby center from women who've done it so I'm trying to stay positive about the whole idea. Until then, I'll just keep visiting the gym everyday in hopes that something, ANYTHING I do will entice him to come out sooner.

Here's to high hopes :)

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  1. Ok, EVERYONE has this widget. Its not like it only has a few users. And LOTS of people go over their due date! How can the thing be so dumb as to start going backwards?

    I can just imagine your irritation. Thats just nutty ;)

    (I went a week early and by the time I got home from the hospital mine was still counting down ... only a few more days it promised me, and I had a newborn in my arms already)