Monday, July 13, 2009

6 days late/D-day Eve

That's right. My little widget is doing an oh so wonderful job of reminding me that today is day 6 that Jackson is overdue. But alas, to much relief, today is the eve of our delivery!!!! Tomorrow, at 6 am, we'll be at the hospital getting stuck with IV's and filled with Pitocin all to welcome this stubborn little guy to the world. And we truly can't wait.

I asked Justin yesterday if we could just skip Monday, but he said no, to which I gave him a sad face, ha ha. But really today will be a great day for us to just be home together and get ready to welcome our new little man into our family. Some last minute cleaning, a good yard clean-up (Justin gets to cut the grass, I get to use my new spiffy weed wacker, and then we mud wrestle to see who gets to clean up the dog poop), a short trip to BJ's to stock up on food for the doggies, and a few homework assignments for me and then we can spend our evening relaxing and imagining just how tomorrow will be.

Anyhow, nothing is really thought provoking right now, so I don't have much to say, but I do thank everyone for their constant prayers and support throughout the past nine months. And I hope you can hang in there with us just one more day to pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and that by tomorrow evening, we'll be holding a healthy beautiful baby boy!

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