Friday, August 14, 2009

One Month Old

Today Jackson is officially one month old. He was unofficially one month old on Tuesday seeing as he was four weeks old that day. But today is the 14th and just one month ago my baby boy came into this world. I can't believe it's been a month already and at the same time I can't believe it's only been a month.

In one month we've seen our baby boy grow so much. He is much much bigger than the day we brought him home.... he even has little chubby cheeks and fat rolls on his legs. BUT, he's still wearing newborn clothes. He just won't give them up. Which shocks me because he eats soooo much. He can easily eat 4 ounces every 3 hours and still be a little hungry in between feedings. In fact, I've just started giving him five ounces in his last bottle to hold him through the night. And it definitely works. He will now sleep a five hour stretch and then after his 5am meal he'll sleep until 8 or so. The only downside to that is he really doesn't sleep much during the day. He'll sleep in half hour increments every couple of hours and then he'll take one long nap later in the day for maybe an hour or two. With his eating and sleeping in such a whirlwind, I have NO idea how to start a schedule with this kid. Another new thing is that he won't just fall asleep on his own. No. There is no putting this baby down drowsy. If you want him to even think about sleeping on his own in his cradle or crib, he HAS to nurse himself to sleep. Hopefully that breaks soon or Justin will have a heck of a time getting him to sleep on nights that I have to work.

Besides the stuff that leaves us in questions, there's been some good stuff too. He LOVES bathtime for one, which makes mommy and daddy love bathtime too. He also has started to smile a little. Not really big noticeable smiles, but just enough to get us excited. He also likes to stand when you're holding him. That's an almost immediate cry stopper, along with sitting him up and letting him look around. He's such an observant baby and so wide-eyed. And, he's still so strong and such a wiggle-worm. Yesterday at my dad's, I laid him on a mat on the table and he was kicking away and moving his head to look around. And he seemed so close from rolling from his stomach to his back. It's amazing how strong he has. A little more tummy time and he'll be rolling and moving away. The other new thing that is possibly my favorite are his sounds. His little coo's and ah's are wonderful. I'll give him a kiss and say "ahhhh" and he'll open his mouth real wide and give a little smile. I'll tell you, the good and the cute and the heart warming definitely out-weighs the bad and the crying.

As far as pictures, I haven't uploaded any new one's yet, BUT we did have his pictures taken professionally. Mandy from MandySrokaPhotography, who did our first set of pregnancy pictures offered to take Jackson's newborn pictures as a shower/baby gift to us, and of course we agreed. She came to our house last Saturday and Jackson was wide awake for almost the whole session. I wasn't sure how cooperative he would be but he did soooo well (despite a little bit of crying and fussiness and a lot of eating) and Mandy got some great shots. She is so extremely talented and we are so thankful for her gift. So, with that, here are some of the pictures she took for us. Enjoy!!!

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