Friday, April 10, 2009

The writing's on the wall:

That's right. I finally put the letters on the wall above the crib. It definitely took many tries to get them almost right... and in the end, I settled with almost right. A few are a little too close together but overall, it's not too bad for a 1 woman job. (Oh.. and here's that better picture of the cube shelf I was talking about.

In other news, yesterday Justin got his new phone finally. He settled with the Motorolla Krave. It's a flip phone but the top part is hard see through plastic and the phone part is all touch screen... no buttons. When you close the phone the see through part also acts as a touch screen unless you lock it. I thought this would be convenient for him: when he's at work, he the hard plastic will protect the screen. AND.. because the earpiece is in the hard plastic, when he's talking it will fit his head better than the smaller dare or voyager, which is what I have. I must say it's a pretty spiffy phone.

In still other news, Justin wasn't feeling well at work today. So my dad and sister took me to SSA so I could drive him home. We stopped by Doc Express (which we both really liked by the way) and the doc said Justin has a throat infection basically. He gave us information on pharyngitis (which says it can spread through the family.. hopefully not) and he gave Justin a prescription for the Z-pack.... which I call the miracle antibiotic because it works so well, so quickly. We're both thankful it's not another round of the flu, but we're both holding our breaths until he's better to make sure I don't get it.
Other than that, there's not much of an update since yesterday. Enjoy the pics!


  1. Nice nursery! We love our cube shelf too.

  2. If I could line the wall with cube shelves AND hang them, I totally would :)