Thursday, April 9, 2009

Victory. 27

Okay, so it's two days late, but hey.. can you blame me much! I'll have to keep it short though so I can get back to studying.

Since last thursday we've had a few things worth mentioning. For one, I still haven't heard from the doctor about the glucose test, so I'm going with the "No news is good news" thing. We'll see. This weekend was kind of another busy weekend. I can't remember completely everything we did, ha ha, BUT I can remember that Laura's baby shower was on Sunday. It was a very nice tea party theme and she got a lot of good things. It was a gorgeous day for a shower and I can only hope that mine turns out just as nice. I also found out that Laura will be induced a roughly a week to two weeks early, so we'll be getting to meet Maeby around the 16th. Yay!! I also got to meet baby Anna, who was the first baby that I mentioned that was born to someone at church. She is incredibly cute and sooo tiny. But her mom, Kristen, gave birth naturally, no pain meds, and she's a pretty tiny girl, so I'm holding her as my inspiration for now.

On Monday I woke up extremely early with the taste of vomit in my mouth and the smell of it in my nose. I hadn't gotten sick, but man my reflux was so crazy I couldn't stand it. I eventually got up and got ready for my two o'clock clinical, but decided there was no way I could function so I stayed home. I really felt like crap allll day! And jackson didn't really care because he continously did flips the whole day. ha ha. Anyway. Justin took off work that day to go to the bars by Camden Yards with some friends for Opening Day. He said he had a blast, despite not actually going to the game, which I might add probably would have been an AWESOME Opening Day to see (the O's beating the Yanks!! GO O'S). I eventually started feeling better around 6pm (a good 12 hours after I first woke up) so I headed out to get a new camera!!! I'm super excited about it and can't wait to use it with Jackson. Anyhow, here's my team spirit for Opening Day sporting my new Roberts jersey shirt that Justin bought me :)

Tuesday was officially 27 weeks. Yet another week closer (and only 13 more to go.. but I'll let him come in 11 if he wants!!). Anyhow, on Tuesday I had a LONG day of school (2 hours early just to get parking) which didn't end until 6pm for me. Then Justin and I headed out to dinner with his family to celebrate his cousin Maggie's 18th birthday. It was a very nice dinner and very weird for Justin to realize that his little cousin is 18 now. Unfortunately for me, that was my first day of serious discomfort. I could only fit half of my meal in my squished stomach, and even after only half a meal I was physically miserable. I didn't feel better until I came home and laid down for bed.. at 10:45 mind you. I'm hoping that I don't have too many days like that, but I'm pretty sure that the discomfort only gets worse from here.

On Wednesday I had my morning clinical (at 6:45 am, ugh) but it was pretty okay. I had a very sleepy baby who didn't need too much care, especially since her mom was there for a good part of the day. She was very cute though and, like the other baby I had, she had tons of hair. I did get to suction for the first time though, even though it was only her stuffy nose (but i'm sure she was thankful for that once she could breathe better again). Another one of the girls had a premie baby that was only about a month old and she was born at just 28 weeks. She was sooo tiny and so cute. But for me it was interesting to see what Jackson will look like in about a month (since she was born just one week past where I am with Jackson). It was also interesting to see the size she is now and to try to imagine fitting her in my belly. Even though it's getting much bigger now, it's still crazy to think that an entire full term baby will be in there in 11-13 weeks. Yikes. Bring on the discomfort.

Finally, there's today. Not too much exciting going on today though. I have an exam in pediatric nursing tomorrow so I've been studying all day and will continue to do so until well into the night (until I pass out on the couch I'm sure). BUT I would like to add that we are now in the 80's count down range. As my baby widget shows, we have just 89 days until the expected arrival of our little Jackson. I think when we hit fifty, I'm going to make a paper countdown pad so Justin and i can rip a page off everyday... just to make things even more exciting.

Anyhow, that's my update. And here's my 27 week pictures, my new hair cut, and the cube shelf in the nursery. I took better pictures of the cube on the new camera so maybe eventually I'll switch them out. Have a good weekend.
New Hair:
The Cube Shelf
27 weeks!

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