Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Victory. 29

I had every intention of posting this on Tuesday, but after a long day of working on my group project at school, I came home feeling like crap, and it just progressed throughout the night. It started with that phlegmy taste in my mouth, then a sore throat, then itchy ears. UGH! So I thought maybe I was getting the throat infection Justin just got over. Anyhow, needless to say, I didn't feel like doing much of anything, including updating.

So I once again stayed home from clinical today. I woke up around 1 am and my throat was really sore so I reached for the throat lozenges. I was able to sleep until about 5 am. At this point it was acid reflux time along with hacking up mucous and blowing my nose... oh.. and peeing! So I finally got back to sleep and slept until probably 10:30/11am. It was definitely much needed. I still woke up feeling like crap, but at this point my headache had gone away (thanks to my 5 am tylenol). I had plans of calling the doc if I started with a fever or if the sore throat got worse. But no fever, and the sore throat got a little better and then just kind of stayed the same throughout the day. After my shower I felt a lot better and was able to get some laundry and cleaning done. I guess around 8 pm tonight is when I started feeling crappy again, but definitely not as bad as last night. So I'm attributing this much un-welcome illness to weather change and I'm hoping it will be gone as quickly as it came.

Anyhow. I had mentioned in my previous post that we finally met Maeby. Bert and Laura were finally able to bring her home from the NICU on Sunday, so we stopped by after church. She is incredibly adorable! She was wide awake just about the whole time we were there and she even kept up with the baby tradition of letting a load of gas out while I held her. I must bring it on somehow. Anyway. We are extremely happy that they finally have their family complete and we are thrilled to have been able to share that special day with them.

In other news. Monday was just another typical Monday. I had my night clinical at Mt. Washington, but this time I was able to observe the first floor, which has mostly the older peds kids. The design of that unit was pretty awesome, but the chaos of the floor (and 2 and six year olds running around constantly) was not appealing, ha ha. It's so much easier to deal with infants confined to their crib and swing than 2 year olds who have so much energy and nowhere to get it out except for running around the unit. Observing that floor also made me wish some people chose not to have kids. To see some of the injuries and burns that were, as the charts stated, "NON- accidental" meaning their parents inflicted them on the kids on purpose, was just not something that's easy to deal with. It's just kid after kid in foster care or awarded to the state and it's just a really sad thing to see. While I'm enjoying my pediatric rotation, I'm not so sure it's the path that's right for me. I think I would have a really hard time leaving my feelings out of work and not bringing work home with me.

Anyhow, I already talked about my Tuesday.. but I left out the part about Tuesday being my official 29 week day. It's crazy to think that I only have 11 week lefts, and even crazier to think that it really means I only have somewhere between 7-11 weeks to go. 30 weeks is quickly approaching and then I'll begin my 10 week countdown. I can't wait.

Today, while trying to get all my dates lined up, I managed to finally get ahold of St.Joe's to sign up for the infant care class. Justin and I will be taking this class (a two day class) on May 28th and June 4th. A little later than I had hoped but it was all they had available. The lady adamantly tried to get me to sign up for the birthing class as well (where they teach you all the relaxation techniques and what not) but I'm not sure that we will do that one. Mainly because we really don't have much time and because it's so freakin expensive. I also failed to mention to her that I'm a nursing student and learned a lot of this stuff last semester in OB, so I'm not really sure that, even though I'm a first timer, I really need to spend 85 plus dollars on a class that's just going to reiterate what I've learned. I'd rather just get into the baby care class so justin can get some experience in there. I'm also opting out of the breastfeeding class, despite the fact that I have every intentions of using that as my main feeding form. I followed the lactation specialist around last semester and learned a lot from doing so and if i took the class, it would be with her so I'd be hearing much of the same I've already heard. Besides, she comes around to all the moms after they deliver anyway, so what's the point of spending the money yet again.

Anyway. that's my week thus far. I'm off tomorrow to study all day and then I have yet another exam on Friday.. then more group work. And then Justin and I will both be working our weekends away so that we can do it all over on Monday. We then have our 30 week visit with the doc next thursday followed by our meeting with the pediatrician later in the day and hopefully some picture taking too ;)

I did take pictures this week, by the way. In fact, I took them today, BUT I'm ready for bed so I'll try to get them up here tomorrow. Until then...

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